The Ridiculous Bragging thread

All I need now is Inari and Delilah and I’ll have all the 5* yellows :grin:


That’s pretty impressive! My Leo is very lonely. He’s hoping to get some decent yellow playmates from Atlantis.


Why thank you :grin:. Yes, yellow would appear to be my colour! I forgot to add that I have Vivica and I need Drake lol

With 4s I have Wu, Danz Chao, Li Xiu


My whinging about my lazy TC20 and lack of druids and never ever seeing melly or caed paid off. Pull #105 from TC20 netted me a silver fox today.

Yep, there are better heroes to nab from TC20, but this was what i needed most so I’m bragging :joy:

(Of course, it was because I had just started feeding gadeirus, but the RNG gods always require a sacrifice!)


Thanks @Jedon for tagging me. Lets see, today I can brag that my TC20 will finally finish researching in about 16 hours. Even with the VIP it took me nearly 6 months to accomplish! My Stronghold has been at 20 for a couple months, so i could have gotten here sooner, but i wasn’t in the hugest hurry. Losing TCs to leveling and research is tough! I was enjoying my tc19 so much that i knew i needed to get another TC up to 19 first and then feeding 5* are expensive so the hams i needed for research went there instead…you get the picture!
As of yesterday all my iron storages are up to lvl20! It will only take another 6 months for the rest of my buildings!
My Zim got to 3/70 right before the start of last war and my Panther is 3/67 so will be 3/70 by next war!
My second team now has higher TP than my first team and I’ve been using them to farm everywhere. Although poor Panther will probably get left on bench sometimes because my 5* team doesn’t include one of those yet!
I actually beat the second level in the emblem quest with a team of 2500! I used 5 bombs and 5 axes at the bosses and didn’t even attempt to send tiles at them! These emblems are pretty cool even if I’m just hoarding them right now. The special quests are also helpful in helping direct what heros in your deck need to be worked on next for future quests!
If i give Zim my set of rings tonight, she will be my first 5* in it’s final acsention!
I got a silver token in my monsters chest that gave me a face you dont want to see if the token was gold! Friar Tuck! He made good food for my Zeline who is 3/60 and I’m finally starting to see what all the hype is about her!
I think that’s about it?
Except i will also echo my joy of meeting all you wonderful people. Being part of such a wonderful community is totally brag worthy!

Edit: leaving Panther on the bench so that i can have a healer! Sabina is a literal life saver. She dispells enemy buffs without taking damage like Zeline does!


Well I can brag with this :smile: :



That’s awesome and definitely brag-worthy! :smiley:


I am so pleased that you are doing well @anon89026910 !

Bring on that 100k hit!


More than happy to help. Can’t wait to see your 100k ss :wink:

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Sorry @Sorsha for that, hope you will get a great pulls in Atlantis to clear all the bad times :smile:

@zephyr1 sure mate I loved the Idea and liked to have the full gang to enjoy it with us.
@MrsBCW Sure you are most welcome.
@Starryeyedgryph Oh and how I dare not to tag the big cute eyes Gryph :stuck_out_tongue: … you avatar is so cute xD and you are welcome darlin :slight_smile:


Hope so. I stockpiled a lot of gems and one epic hero coin :slight_smile:

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@Jedon. Thanks for thinking of me! You may have just done a bad thing, though as I may visit often :rofl:

After over a year of waiting, tc20 gave me this handsome devil last week!

Not sure what’s been up with MV recently. Been getting 4 items the past few days, except this jewel that only had 3. I’ll take it :wink:

Last, but not least! Decided to learn how to beat Guin tanks. Seems I’m not that bad at… getting really great boards… on some days… typically not ever… only late on Sunday nites when I don’t have work the next day… LOL


Yesterday was a very good day for my alt: two tabards (mystic vision, titan loot), 30 Fighter emblems in the war chest, and — best yet — Lianna from TC20.


Collected gems from december offers.
Nice, enough for an Atlantis 30 pull and a saisonal 10.
Atlantis: Musashi, Athena and 4 consecutive Evelyns.
(2 within the 30 and 2 from extra draws)
Saisonal: 2 Mother North and Richard.
Can’t complain.

pay and loose => complain (p2w doesn’t realy exist, it’s p2p, pay to progress)
pay and luck => brag (it’s p2hf - pay to have fun)

None of my specials were leveled up the last 3 days.
Maybe sth to post in complaints? :wink:


Didn’t go back as far as @Olmor … so I will :grimacing:

Last day of the seasonal event I did a single gem pull. Was my desperate attempt at getting MN or Santa. BOOM! Out strolls Santa!

Pretty excited as I desperately needed a decent war tank. He’s on the power leveling path as we speak and has had his first run at wars. We won so all the credit goes to this big guy :rofl:


Damascus blade… From a “c” on a Titan… Lmao but truly stoked… I have the option for 3 diff 5s when I pull one I feel worthy…lol


Great news @LadySuzanne … and ofc I think of you and of all my friends.
And tho was hoping the tag brings you in, been a while since I saw your last post my dear :blush:

So you can class BT before me … dauym @Kerridoc nice.
Its not just a good day (Its a happy day) :angel:



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