The Ridiculous Bragging thread

There surely has to be a topic about positive stuff, right? :smiley:
So many complaints lately.

Well for example I’ve been patiently playing the game for a little mroe than 2 months now.
For 90% of the time I had Boril and Skittle as 4stars and patiently raised my 3star roster from train camps.
Decided to spend gems on Atlantis summon and out of 10 pulls got Ares, Wilbur, Inari and Danzaburo.
Immediately after that got epic hero token out of alliance war - Little john. :smiley:

I just saw ice elemental summon and was like “oh whatever” and gave in 300 coins - boom, Sonya. :smiley:

SO, feel free to brag in this thread. A little positive vibe never hurts anyone. And people who feel desperate might get inspiration knowing that your luck can strike anytime!

Cheers : )

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This is my next nice team 🙂

Bless! “BOOM, Sonya” is what makes this game go around.

Great summon. Great Hero. Great Attitude.

Great post!


Woke up on 1 November 2018

Saw Zimkitty was HOTM

Arrogantly thought:

“I’ll pull her with my first token”

BOOM - pulls Zimkitty with first coin


OK, in the spirit of the OP. I have had two “BOOM, Sonya” moments.

Epic Hero token at end of month “BOOM Sartana! BOOM Drake Fong!” (on same token)

Epic Hero token at end of month “BOOM Elkanen! BOOM Khionna!” (on same token)

Did not get Zimkitty though :slightly_frowning_face:

But… did get Aeigir :confused:


Wonderful thread. I like to add mine as well!


I’ve added BOOM to my post to maintain the consistency


I had one this morning. Regular war loot. Expecting sticks and rocks. BOOM! Damascus blade!


Yes. Love it!



Edited mine because BOOM is better than Boom


Yeah. I got my last poinson dart to max Leo :slight_smile:


I was not able to pull any HOTM this far. But this month - triple BOOM! 3 Zims in 3 days. Now hoping for things to continue in December :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Wanted a Zeline, did 3 Atlantis pulls with the coins, and BOOM! got a Zeline. My second only non-regular 5*.

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I would definitely BOOM SONYA


While doing Atlantis pulls last month: BOOM 5x Aegir! (They’ll go together perfectly with my 4 Thornes :smile:)

While doing Atlantis pulls this month: BOOM Inari! BOOM Mitsuko!

While randomly raiding a few nights ago: BOOM rank #65!


After blowing 4000 gems (my highest amount ever) on my Atlantis summons and getting only crap in return, I bought one item of the cheapest Black Friday deal and told myself I was going to let my grandpa make three more pulls and he’ll pull me a Zimkitty. And he did, on third try! Just like I knew he would. Now he’s going to make pulls for me all the time. xD


I DO[n’t] like to brag, but… got drunk, went on a 3am raiding spree, and, for the sake of the thread, BOOM, #11 globally with a 3,564 attack/defense team of:
Caedmon, Grimm, Obakan, Blodtusk, and Grimm.


We won the alliance war and BOOM I won rope. ROPE!

Noone ever travels any fantasy land without a fine piece of rope. It’s the fantasy equivalent of the quintessential Swiss army knife. It’s the one thing one can’t do without.

It’s like BOOM pownz0r the game. Totally.

Rope is limitless. Rope is power. You could like make a tripwire in Atlantis and let that nasty Tarlak fall flat on his arrogant native nature protecting face. You could keep Friar Tuck’s waist in check - that’s the power of rope!

Rope has truly ridiculous bragging rights.


Had a rocky War last time, this time thought, “I’m gonna kick some butt”…

…and BOOM start of with two perfect clears, with the whole enemy team dead, and my heroes all healed up chilling like, “what’s next?”

I presume I get thread bonus points for using Sonya in this team.


Post inspired by @Rook.

@Garanwyn @Jedon @Rigs @Kerridoc @Gryphonknight @_John_Doe @Ichigo — any of you have some fun accomplishment, great Summons result, or nice loot drop to share to bring some sunshine to the forum?

Post a reply and tag a friend or two…I want to see if we can make a positive thread as popular as the ones full of complaints.

Thanks @Toshey for starting this thread, and @Sorsha for similarly trying to bring some positivity to the forum.


Well, I did just thrash the heck out of a 1* titan using nothing but tile damage! Does that count? :grin:

Nice thread to pick for resurrection, btw. I’m a fan!


That definitely counts, because as we all know, we’re the baddies, and mass slaughter of mythical creatures is our jam.


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