The Ridiculous Bragging thread


This may not look like anything all that special…

…but I was on the verge of losing this raid, the enemy had 4 defenders left and Colen died. He revived with 1hp (6% chance from his 1st talent level). But neither healer was anywhere close to ready! He survived one round with his measly 1hp, but got hit the next round and died again.

He revived again! This time, I was close with both Kiril and Rigard but couldn’t get a match for them and he died again.

AND HE REVIVED AGAIN! And this time, not only was his special ready to fire, but I was able to get Rigard’s mana up and healed him, and this is how he stood at the end of the fight.

The odds of Colen reviving three times in a single fight at the 6% revive level:
0.06x0.06x0.06 = 0.0216% or about 1-in-4630 chance of happening. :smiley:


Could be higher. I see him reviving often, but never got trouble of him after that. Also the talented bosses seems to use theirs nearly every time. Bug or feature?


The talented bosses are “fully” talented, meaning they have 15-35% chances to use their talents (depending on the Class).


Perhaps not really bragging, but sharing what is new to me. I’ve just recently started colour stacking for war. I was very reluncant to break up what I felt were very nice teams.

We’ve been facing red tank alliances lately and once I’ve burned through my blues, I’ve been playing around with other combos.

I went after a 3650 team with a red tank (I forget which one) with a mono yellow team (3400), thinking I could take out Rigard as flank.

One shot took out the tank and then the whole team fell. That was fun!


My #2 best titan loot


The game has pity ^^

I complained here

But that filled my chest and I got

:rofl: :sunglasses:


My alliance won their 3rd war in a row today. It’s low i know, but it’s our new highest win streak. Im very proud of them.


Three in a row is something worth bragging about. We generally win two and then face an opponent where it could go either way, but it’s usually a struggle.



I just would like to brag that I finished the legendary Wonderland challenge with a score MORE THAN HALF the no. 1 score (zero I believe). That was neat.


Nah. I’m sure it was over 847,000 :rofl:

In all seriousness, congrats! Sounds like you had a very respectable outing on the Legendary quest line.


Youre right of course. It would have been easy to get more than half of zero :sunglasses:
For the record i got around 506000. Not too shabby. Next time i plan on getting up to 2/3 the top score. THEN THEY’LL BE SCARED.


Thanks Jedon. This one made my day…yay!
Was undecided on a line up of melendor, quintus(dot), kashhrek, boldtusk and kiril until i saw you post.
9 flags wasted in AW was kinda too much…lol.


This was not a sad Nature Chest:

Wilbur liked it too.

Province 23, 11 (Last level) – Is it just the boss, or are there monster waves first?

From yesterday and even managed to stay in diamond after logging off. :grinning:


My last elemental chest. Mats have been nice to me lately :slight_smile:


He did show up, just on the wrong team. :joy:


I now have TWO fully ascended 5* heroes!
Zim is just now getting into the difficult final levels! I love playing with her! My other cleansers came later for me, it’s awesome to have a FAST one to raid with!
This team consistently is causing me to wake up with MORE trophies than then when i went to bed!

I know most dont raid with their defense team, but many have defense teams in the 3800-4000 range! Not too shabby! Must be pretty frustrating too!


My first Tier XII chest!


I got new badge :grin:


Whoo Hoo! Welcome to the club! We’ll send you cookies and show you the super-secret handshake when so many aren’t watching :laughing: