The Ridiculous Bragging thread

Oooh and I almost forgot, my ridiculous brag of the day (already posted this elsewhere, but whatevs, I think it’s awesome :wink:)

On my last free 100 Atlantis Coin pull:



Congratulations … great pull

My ridiculous brage is … on my first and last pull of Atlantis for this month I got our all beloved (:sob:) hero

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Guy in my alliance did a 10 pull got kage.
Then did a 30 pull got Delilah inari tarlak and onatel with 10 4* hero’s. Tried to post the video but it’s not letting me

Upload the video on youtube channel then post the link over here.

May I ridiculously brag, too?

I have won the last 11 wars all by myself!
(Don’t ask what :star: titans I’m fighting, though.)


My ridiculous bragging for today is celebrating the big “Four-Oh” :smile:


Congratulations! That’s a big milestone! Or so I hear…

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Thanks! I think it’s mostly convenient that my WE max is divisible by 3 again…


At this point, it would be super nice to be divisible by both 3 and 8. 48 sounds like a nice number, right?

Coincidentally, a full night’s sleep.


Finally, numbers I can follow! :wink:


Yeah, and hey, you only need to get to level 63! :wink:



The moral of this story? SG hates easy numbers!

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Back to bragging! @Garanwyn, please tell me how fast my burritos will charge.


That’s actually a surprisingly tricky question, because it depends a lot on your farming habits, your feeding style, and your TC useage.

So rather than crunching the numbers on specific scenarios, I have decided to consult an oracle of great wisdom and insight into the future.

Magic 8 ball says: signs point to “a while” :wink:


I simply wanted tiles to mana charge. Not how many eons it’s going to take me to fully ascend them. However, the magic 8 ball is fairly reliable.

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That's kinda tricky too.

At very fast, each tile charges 15.4% of the mana bar.

Each fox minion adds 7% per turn.

The lvl 8 mana troop gives +7% regen. The lvl 1 mana troop gives +5% regen. The Sakura benefit is +12%. That’s +19% and +17% respectively.

6.5/1.19 = 5.4 -> goes to 6
6.5/1.17 = 5.6 -> goes to 6

Also, I’m assuming no ghosting. Because that sounds like a lot of work.

With 0 fox minions:
6 tiles (good luck living that long! 1/1 or 1/6 isn’t exactly what I’d call “combat ready” :wink:)

With 1 fox minion:
6 tiles and 1 or 2 turns
5 tiles and 3 or 4 turns
4 tiles and 5 turns

At this point, you’re dead. Because you only had 4 offensive tiles in 5 turns AFTER getting enough mana for Inari to activate, AND waiting for an enemy special to fire. This would best be described with one of:

  • “ouch!”
  • “yikes!”
  • “OMG why does the system always make me lose when I color stack? What the heck? This is BS.”

With 2 fox minions:
6 tiles and 1 turn
5 tiles and 2 turns
3 tiles and 3 turns

It’s really hard to get less than 3 tiles of mana (dragons will do it though).


Did a single Atlantis pull and got Delilah (yesterday).
Got Magni from TC20.
Reached #34 globally, and #9 US.
Leveled up.
Got a warm cape from titan.


Last Avalon event, really wanted Guin… Did a 10 pull…

BOOM, Guin AND Arthur!!

Thought to myself, sweet deal, I’ll stop there… Already had Santa, Buddy and Rudolph so figured I’d go for Mother North… Did another 10 pull…

BOOM, Mother North AND Domitia!


Any time you feel like picking some lottery numbers, just @ me :smile:

Congratulations on those amazing pulls!

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My brag of the day: awesome Rare Titan loot!

And I’m decently happy with my score, since I didn’t use any flasks or significant items, and went in short on flags and we killed it before I got to use my last one. But I had two total whiff hits, so it could have been a lot better.

Several alliance mates got good loot too, woohoo!


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