The "Recommend A Hero" Game (Silly)

Belith with her calming mist is the perfect fit for the job.

But now poor Li’s armour and clothes are wet, who can help her dry it? Rusty armour is no good armour.


C-Marjana will get her armor nice, warm and toasty really fast!

But oh no, Li’s armor shrunk! Who will help her get a new set?


C. Gunnar, he is a trained blacksmith.

But he is not working for free, who could pay for Li’s armour?


Rana, Empress of the Sand Empire, is feeling generous today (and willing to help a fellow Yellow hero!)

By the way, Rana is in need of a new bodyguard. Besides Li Xiu, who would you recommend?

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Malosi would protect Rana with his wild punch.

But who will calm Malosi so he doesn’t go too far?

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Music soothes the savage beast - Gazelle will take care of that

Gazelle’s floaty dancing is starting to get annoying. Who will provide more modern entertainment?

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Tiburkiss! He’ll rock us all night long…

That’s the problem…all night long. Holding her ears Dawa says, “stop…STOP!!!”

“WHO WILL HELP TIBURTIS GET SOME SLEEP,” she hollers so everyone will hear?

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Gill-Ra and her song. If the song itself doesn’t put Tiburkiss to sleep, Gill-Ra will frighten him into sleeping!

unfortunately, Tiburkiss’ rocking has woken up Fenrir, who is on a rampage. Who can calm Fenrir down?

Pixie, Tinkerbell’s cousin. She has a melodic voice and will be able to calm Fenrir down no problem

Now Pixie needs some rest. Who will make her some hot chocolate and tuck her into bed?

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Mother North. She just has that grandmotherly vibe…

it’s almost Mother’s Day! Which hero will be thoughtful enough to plan a nice surprise for all the moms out there?

C. Rigard, he is a true gentleman, so he will bring bouquets for all the moms out there!

He needs some help making those though, who has some nice flower arranging skills?

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