The "Recommend A Hero" Game (Silly)

Skadi. The teacher will find her exceptionally persuasive and wouldn’t want to argue against her.

While the teacher accepts the dog really did eat the homework, they only grant you an extension to when it has to be handed in. Who is going to help you complete the homework?

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Julius. He is very focused.

Homework is done. It’s time to chill. Which hero will get invited for a Netflix binge?

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Kiril and his magic brew! wheeeee

Kiril wants to experiment with some new cocktails. Who will be a willing guinea pig?

Apparently Danzaburo can take a lot.
But if Kiril’s potion still causes undesirable effects, who will help?

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Francine. Not only will she cleanse us from the alcohol effects, but she will keep cleansing us as we drink! You can get drunk, be well again, get drunk, be well again…

Oh no, the neighbors are complaining that we’re too noisy. Who will make peace with them?

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Noor. She looks very peaceful.

Who is going to clean up the birdshit though?

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Guardian Chameleon can cleanse everything he sees.

Time to finally rest after the eventful house warming.
Who draws up the most relaxing bath?

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Bane. He’s gentle and sweet and knows what kinds of herbs to add to the water. He can also give a nice relaxing massage afterward.

Who will tend to the music as you fall into a deep slumber?

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Master Shredder Kiril… uh wait… I want to relax, not get pumped up…

how about Court Jester Horghall playing a nice funny ballad?

I want to go beat up that bully player who raided me, took my cups, and set a +20 defense that I failed to beat thrice. Which hero will go track that player down and beat them up?

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was that too mean? I’ll just send Fenrir to scare the bully :wink:

I’m having trouble sleeping because of back pain. Which hero will give me a relaxing, soothing massage?

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The Ninja of Soaring Vitality, Garnet, shall give you the best massage ever. Being a ninja I expect her to know all about pressure points and other such things to boost those massage skills to a new level.

A ghostly apparition appears before your eyes. Who ya gonna call?


Ameonna. “Hey Ameonna, go talk to this new ghost, maybe you can make a new friend or something. And tell em to leave me alone, I need my sleep.”

The back yard is a mess. It’s fall, after all. Who will clean it up?

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Vela will wash everything away.

I love autumn, the wind and the colorful leaves. Who can hold this picture for me forever?

Costume Belith. She is the very picture of fall! But winter is coming. Who will help shovel the snow?

Glenda will use her ice magic to make the snow shovel itself.

I want to have a romantic fire to roast marshmallows and snuggle up beside. Who will help me safely start the fire?

Jahangir’s control of fire shall lightly toast those marshmallows, and I’m sure the fire shall dance around romantically.

For the atmosphere we need a bard.
Who shall it be?

Jack, of course. With his violin.

The scene is set. But who is your date?

A question that only @sleepyhead can answer! :rofl:

lol thanks @Pike

well let’s see, which hero is likely to be romantic…

I’ll go with Jean-Francois, being French and all. Ohh la la.

Alas! The date is interrupted by an angry suitor, challenging Jean-Francois for the hand and heart of Sleepyhead! Who is this challenger?

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Bane of course. He’s mad, and he can’t speak French. Just look at him:

Who’s going to distract Bane before he harmonically slams JF?

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