The "Recommend A Hero" Game (Silly)

Found it…September first…pls no repeats.

@Sleepyhead go for a new one!

@Vikingblood80 lol i’m not going to check every situation I make on this game before I post it, we’ve got hundreds. I created this thread to have fun and I expect we will have occasional repeats, I have too much to keep track of in real life as it is.

But fine, I found a house anyway.

I want someone to help me move in, who will help me pack all my stuff and organize the move?


I’m pretty sure Sumle’s ability to throw stuff will make the packing and moving house situation much easier. (I’m also pretty sure he can do it without breaking any valuables.) He probably moonlights at a removals firm…

I’m sure the house could do with some special attention.
Whom is the interior designer?

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Lady Woolerton. Coz she’s got style.

Just found this fun thread but reading through almost 500 posts to ensure no repeats will be difficult. Which hero can help me with that?


Danzaburo. Not so much ensuring the reading part, but would definitely help on randomising… :eyes:

Now everything is set up, a house warming party is in full swing.
Whom is most likely to be a gatecrashing uninvited guest?

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Dawa. Who really wants a Dawa !?
But who will keep the party going when the first signs of boredom show up?

@sleepyhead Revived without my doing !? :rofl:

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Guardian Gazelle. She’ll get everyone dancing.

Who will be the DJ?

I do not keep track either but I remembered that I already answered this not long ago.

good memory then… but yeah I think “no repeats” won’t become a trend here.

Guardian Gazelle. We get a floaty dancy DJ who actually levitates in the air while dancing, and she makes everyone stronger and gives everyone more endurance… WIN!

Who serves refreshments?

@Pike i know, we can spread the resurrection power around :wink:

Vivica in costume. Argh, cliché! No further comment… :crazy_face:

Luckily the party took place before the renovation. Who is renovating now?

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Post withdrawn as @Pike beat me to the drinks server :face_with_raised_eyebrow:



He’d have those nails bashed in super quick with his big hammer. Or he’d knock the whole structure down…one or the other :open_mouth:.

Who will keep Boril in line so he doesn’t wreck the place?

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Sure…you’re the boss…I just felt highly irritated reading the same question again…and 2 months is for me like it was yesterday :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I am teacher…I usually can remember what my students did answer last lesson…they stopped argueing with me about forgotten homeworks and stuff. :innocent:


You see me deeply contrite, my good sir. :flushed:

Back to topic: Kiril. He’s serving something out of his pitcher that keeps Boril focused on his task.

And who will remove the drunken dwarfs afterwards?

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I hope none of your students try the same excuse twice :wink: “But my dog REALLY ate my homework!”



There’s every chance they’d just follow her out if she walked in front of them, otherwise she could drag them out using her Burning Chains :fire:.

Who can fix her car that seems to have broken down?

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That one used to work if you had a dog bite on your arm to support the claim. Luckily, we had a real brute of a dog when we were kids, and getting bitten wasn’t difficult :smiley::face_with_head_bandage:

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costume Karil, he’s good with machines!

Re dogs… mine were cute and fluffy so that excuse would not have worked at all…

Next Q: Now that the party has ended, someone has to clean the house! Who’s on cleaning duty?

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Glenda the good witch with her midnight magic cleaning.

You partied all night and forgot your homework. Who will convince your teacher that the dog really did eat it? :laughing:


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