The "Recommend A Hero" Game (Silly)

… a profound sense of calm and well-being. Raffaele, the Tranquil Channeler, steps into view. “Damnit Azlar, I thought we talked about this!”

“But…but… combat is the only proof of worthiness!” comes the roared reply.

Raffaele apologies for the impatience of his friend and greets our weary band of travellers. “Please come join us at camp and tell us your story.”

Who has hot beverages ready at camp, so our heroes can warm up by the fire?


As our intrepid party returns to the encampment of the increasingly erroneously named Solitary One, a darkly-cloaked figure can be seen preparing to receive guests.

“Welcome,” smiles Nightshade, “Be not afraid, for none dare to approach the encampment of Azlar with evil intent. Come, shed your arms, and be at ease.”

The aspiring archer serves evening coffee, thick and sweet, round the fire for all. Her mentor settles down, and hears the legend related by Red Hood.

“Indeed,” the Leor rumbles at the end, “much is changed from the world that once was, and the truth is not safe for all. And Freya speaks true; although I am constrained against needless combat,” and here he pauses to glare at the affable Ice Healer, “your worth must nonetheless be tested. Rest here, and your test will be made apparent to you tomorrow.”

Our Heroes sleep in the ruins of the Temple That Was, and awaken in awe. Instead of the ruined Temple and Azlar, they see…


A Titan!

No, it was not a Titan, because Sleepyhead realizes this is “recommend a HERO” and he started this thread so he must comply.

It was… Odin!

An awe fell over our heroes. Then Odin spoke…


gah silly me I didn’t continue it properly.

Then Odin spoke…

“I know you are hiding! Reveal yourself, foul trickster!”

The air shimmered, and everyone gasped as this hero appeared…


Lady Loki dances in and out of the shadows.

“Odin, permit me some fun!” She smiles. “Welcome heroes. Do not fear, we mean you no harm.”

Odin sighs, and explains that the Temple That Was is actually a portal to the Bifrost. “Please forgive Lady Loki. She enjoys surprising our guests and moving them around under the cover of darkness. We have brought you to our home in Asgard as we have seen the darkness spreading across your Realm. It is growing and will soon poison the branches of Yggdrasil, the World Tree that connects the 9 Realms. This must not happen as it would doom us all. You must find the one wise in the ways of Plants and Healing so you can cleanse Yggdrasil.”

Lady Loki sighs. “Odin talks too much. Let’s go! I will join your quest, I long to meet new people.”

Who is the Healer and where will our band of heroes need to go to find them?


They headed off into the forest and up a huge mountain. The trek was enough to unnerve anyone.

Ghostly spirits haunted them throughout the moonlit night, while beastly beasts hunted them during the daylight hours.

Once, while running headlong into some brambles, they ran into Quintus who swore to protect them.

Upon reaching their destination, they came upon a cave wherein they found their healer…no! two healers who fit the description. “Belith! Tellie! You must help us save Yggdrasil!” exclaimed Lady Loki.

You are both fleet of feet. Tel, you are quiet as a cat, though you loom so large…and Bel, you are light and airy. Go! Fly as fast as you can. Heal Yggdrasil with your knowledge of Plants and Healing.

As they made preparations someone came whistling around a copse of trees and…

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Hawkmoon burst into view!

“My friends, I come to turn you… though I am of the Fire element, not all of us mean Nature harm. But there is one FIRE hero who does… and it is…”


I’ve been out for a while. It got epic and that was fantastic. But I lost the thread and it developed away from the original sense. But I think it would be a shame if it ended here. So I start a last attempt to revive it in the original sense. Do what you like with it.
Queen of Hearts. But she wants to behead everyone.
Who could stand against her and protect the elements?


thanks for the revival :stuck_out_tongue: we had fun while it lasted, but but I’m also really glad you’re here to revive it from time to time!

Who takes out Queenie?

I’ll go with Ariel. She’ll heal everyone right up, strong color against Queenie, and is a royal herself - she’ll know how to talk sense into Queenie.

I drank too much last night and have a hangover. Who’s gonna help me recover?


It’s the costumed Boldtusk. He cooks or mixes the right things for you, then you will feel better.
Or you’ll bring it all out (you know what I mean), that helps too.
Bad weather is now joining the pandemic. I’m cold and a little depressed. Who will help me out?


Jean-Francois will keep you warm - and prevent the cold from weakening you!

I need to bring a fake girlfriend with me next time I visit home (i think i’ve asked this before lol). Which E&P hero will gladly pretend to be my girlfriend?


Clarissa. She’s the solid pal who will help out a friend (and maybe stir up some trouble at the same time!).

Who’s going to get me going tomorrow (Monday) morning? Have to be up early for work, booooo.


Greymane. He will howl and bark until you get up and leave the house. And if you don’t, he’ll bite your butt.
I’m better now, but it’s still raining. Who can show me what nice things I can do in this weather?

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Her many sparrows form a feathery umbrella above you. She’s so happy to see you.

She wants to take you kayaking in the rain.

Who wants to come along?

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Horghall. He doesn’t mind getting wet - in fact, he thrives on it. Best way to keep growing.

Some heroes don’t like it wet though.

You decide to go to a tropical beach. Who do you invite along?


If it were my preference, I would choose Tarlak. :wink: So I take Vela. She has the waves under control.
While I’m around, who will teach me to surf? Warning, Tarlak is already out!
(btw I love sparrows)

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Obviously Wilbur.

He was a pro surfer before he retired. Now he just spends his days fishing.

Who saves you when the waves crash over you?


Captain Sargasso pulls you to safety onboard his ship.

Work from home means a lot of Zoom meetings. Who will help me sort out technical details to make the meeting go smoothly?


Domitia. Not only is she an expert in magitech, she knows a lot about steampunk as well

Work has gotten me stressed and burned out. Who will tell my boss for me?


My beloved Sartana. She has every means to convince him to do everything. In every way.
Who will help our good friend to overcome the burn out? Any wishes @sleepyhead?


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