The "Recommend A Hero" Game (Silly)

Costumed Belith.

Which hero would be the most intimidating looking guard for my base?

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Costumed boldtusk. He will mutilate and cook anybody that come near to ur base.

Which hero you recommend to be the next president?


Rumplestiltskin. Like any good politician you just never know what he’s going to do next.

Who would do best in the next American Idol series?


Miki. He’s so good everyone will be lost for words.

Who would you invite for board game night?


Aeron. He carries a book, that means he’s smart right?

Who would you bet on as a Sumo wrestler?


Gormek. He’s big and he eats a lot!

Which hero would you invite to a wine-tasting?

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Kiril. That guy’s all about the alcohol.

Which hero would you subscribe for a talent show?


Costume Tibs. That guy’s a rock star.

Can anyone recommend a good pet sitter?


Red Hood. She already has her forest friends…

Runner-up is Snow White, the first Disney princess to sing to animals.

Which hero can best help me figure out my taxes?

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By-Ulf…because he giveth and then taketh away.

I need someone to help me write my novel, anyone come to mind?


Gobbler. He has a lot of great moral insights and life experiences.

I need a hero to be a risqué centerfold in a magazine targeted at a male dwarf audience. Any ideas?


Belith or Lliana. Dwarves have a thing for the elven ladies.

What about a good plumber?


Kashhrek. He carries a tool for snaking and has good skin for the trade.

Which hero would you recommend to make my wife jealous?

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C Rigs. He makes everyone jealous PLUS now she needs to worry about the entire population rather than half of it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Which hero would you recommend for regular lawn mowing?


Costumed Rigard is JUST that dapper, eh? :joy:

Mowing the lawn: Telluria. She would just tell the weeds to go away, no equipment required.

I want to improve my singing. Which hero would make a good voice coach?


Definitely Queen of Hearts, you’ll forget to sing.

Which hero can replace my electric company?

I’d suggest Puss in Boots. This little doggie must lose it when cat’s around.

Pirates seem like obvious choice, but all of them are dead so, doesn’t look that they managed sailing too well. My vote is for Vela - at least, she got the looks!

Mother North! Do I need to explain?

Jabberwock. Because why climb when you can fly?

The new ??? hero from the Tavern of Legends. He’s good with mysteries.

Steampunk Domitia looks to be great around machines so my vote for her…

They may have some fun around Killhare no doubt.

Rigard Costume looks to be considered most liked cleanser in the game, so…

These were fun but only now I realized that’s not how I am supposed to play this lol! But allow me to not remove the above.

Costume Quintus is just amazing with the electricity mate, he’s the one trust me.

I need someone to watch over my ratties while I am on vacation - any suggestions?


glad you had so much fun with these @Suicide_Bunny :smiley:

I’m guessing Ratties are pet rats, so…

okay, NOT a job for Azlar, Zimkitha or Puss in Boots…

Guardian Bat. Not only is he sort-a like a flying rattie, but he’s a guardian. He’ll look after your ratties real good!

I’m at a really really really boring kids’ birthday party. Which hero would you send to entertain me?


Rumpelstiltskin since he has a bunch of fun tricks to keep everyone entertained.

Which hero would you recommend to quickly ship/deliver a package internationally?

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Malosi definitely…

I need a hero to help me overcome my fear of bungee jumping :sob:

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