The "Recommend A Hero" Game (Silly)

Lady Loki.

Unfortunately, Loki only did so in order to play a prank on them but didn’t realise societal values have moved on…

Who had to dress up as the ring bearer and the flower girl for the ceremony?

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Shrubbear makes and excellent Ring Bear(er) and Pixie would have a blast floating along spreading flower petals.

Who will be the Best Man at the ceremony?

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Richard and Vivica. They look pretty young. Vivica’s dragon replaces the pair of doves that are released.

who decorates the wedding venue?

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Valeria. She’s Vlad’s cousin, so she understands his (poor) taste in decor, and she has the skills to transform headless bats into bunting. If she can get some support from Ursena, who has a fabulous network for obtaining flowers and colorful plants, as well as tableware, they should be all set.

Which Hero is chomping at the bit to perform the nuptials?

Where’s the honeymoon?


Lady of the Lake uses Excalibur to knight the couple… er, to bless the couple. Better LoTL than Friar Tuck.

Aegir and Vlad are gonna go on a European city tour (Amsterdam! Paris! Rome! Barcelona! I’ve lived in 3 of those 4 and loved em all!), because that’s what I would do :wink: (well actually my husband-to-be would want to honeymoon in Tokyo and Kyoto, but I’ve been there before so I would drag him to Machu Picchu in Peru…)

Who is madly in love with Vlad and raises an objection during the wedding?!?


Renfeld is a bit unhinged and who can blame him? Those Vlad abs are to die for…

Which good cop/bad cop duo will talk Renfeld down?


Agnes and Bjorn. 'Nuff said.

So Renfeld gets caught and committed, again. Who is the highly-professional orderly assigned to keep Renfeld safe and secure in his padded room?


Guardian Falcon.

He was told to watch Renfeld… like a hawk.
(I’ll get me coat…)

Trouble brews in the asylum and one of the other patients escape. Who escaped?


The Mad Hatter, he’s quite insane you know

who is sent to track Hatter down?


Batman! Argh, no … I mean … Sartana! She looks like Catwoman. And doesn’t the Hatter look like the Joker? Or rather Rumpel and the hatter is the Ridler?
But who is the Harley Quinn?


Alice… yeah I know it’'s a bit creepy, but she’s blonde and is tall and leggy and…

Oh no, Sartana fell into a trap! Who rescues her?


Jovial Explorer Friar Tuck. He was looking for butterflies, but found her instead.

Who’s going to show him the forest, so he can continue exploring?


Telluria. Driven into the depths of the forest by hatred for her and her kind, she spares the life of the Jovial Explorer and shows him the wonders of the realm. :rofl:

Which forest dweller is the well-meaning extremest that starts out wanting to kill Tuck to preserve the secrets of the forest, but eventually comes to grudgingly accept Tuck as an ally?


Cheshire Cat. Hiding in the trees of the forest, seeing everything, and grinning at passers by. You’ll never be quite sure whose side he’s on. :grin:

The Cat has been struggling to fight the deforestation of the Wonderland Woods, which would leave all our forest dwellers homeless… who is this evil lumber magnate?


it’s greedy smarmy Kunchen. Look at him grin, thinking of all the profits he will make…

Who is the plucky lawyer who decides to ally with Tuck, Telly and Cat, and fight Kunchen from within the (legal) system?



With backup from Richard’s Axe of Justice! Quite why costumed Richard has Justice’s axe is a mystery still to be solved…

Who has to report on the court proceedings?


It’s my destiny… :roll_eyes: Ratasquirrel will do it. It’s the one with pen and paper. But watch out, it’s nuts! (couldn’t resist)
Who is the wise judge in the courtroom?


This is costumed Melendor…stroking his long white beard.

But who is the writer at court ?


Very Fast Margaret will be able to write/type quickly enough to take things down, and she can dodge if things get, er, heated

Who is the bailiff who keeps things in order?

Also: I am loving how we’re chaining a narrative with each post, well done @Vikingblood80 @Pike @akionna @ThePhilosopher @VeryQuietly @LordDust @amrath @Suzanne0905 @GelatinousPilot @Muchacho and everyone else (sorry, maxed out the tags)! thanks, I am having tons of fun!



When she went into the job centre looking for a job, the clerk misheard her name Belith and thought she said ‘bailiff’ referencing her trade. Thus she ended up with a rather unexpected career…

Who caused her the most trouble?


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