The "Recommend A Hero" Game (Silly)

Hrm do we have any hero obviously from Spain or a Spanish-speaking country… I don’t think so…

let’s go with Guardian Owl, that pompous windbag seems like he would be a good teacher.

I would say Jean-Francois (French) or Raffale (Italian) would be far distant second choices, as French and Italian are linguistically related to Spanish.

I need to go shopping for new clothes. Which hero would give me good fashion advice?

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She has a very classy outfit.

Who can compete in an all-you-can-eat competition on my behalf?

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This one is easy. The one and only Gormek (The Hungry)!

Who are the three heroes you would recommend to be the “friends” I can call for help in “Who wants to become a millionaire” (i.e. they need to be smart but also have knowledge in different areas)?

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  1. Santa Claus for current events, politics, history, geography. I mean, he’s been doing this for ages, he’s gotta know all about everyone/everywhere, right?

  2. Aeron and his book for literature, movies, music, basically anything fiction.

  3. Marie-Therese for biology and the sciences (if she can turn people into zombies, she’s gotta know something about this!)

I need someone to help me negotiate a pay raise. Who’s the best one for this?


probably unexpected, but Danzaburo. He has such a cute face that no one can refuse him. )))

I don’t want to go to the dentist. Who can go instead of me?


LOL I think my boss would be so stunned and surprised by Danza, that I could negotiate anything!

I would send Vlad to the dentist, at least he can be good for something :stuck_out_tongue: (kidding… he won my alliance a war one time!) The dentist will be happy with his big old teeth

My man needs to go on a diet. Who can keep him disciplined?

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Not me! :rofl: But Sartana! So dominant, who would dare to contradict her?
I’m so lazy, who motivates me?

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Grimble, he will put a carrot on a stick and lead you around :wink:

I’m planning a surprise party for a friend. Who will be a good party planner?


Rumplestiltskin, obviously.

He is good with the cards. It’s always a surprise what he deals.

And whatever his special, it’s good for your team!

Which hero can help in planting trees around my neighborhood?

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You ask? Horghall!

Who mixes the best cocktails? Need something strong this evening…

Kiril. He’s all about brewing the beers… so he should be good with cocktails too. Maybe a beer cocktail?

I’m organizing a pageant. Which hero/es would make good contestants (i.e. have physical beauty, but also performing talents and smarts)?

  1. Onatel, a beautiful, visually appealing Wizard.
  2. Natalya/QoH/Marjana ( :fire: ladies are beautiful)
  3. Evelyn
  4. Seshat.
  5. Ariel.

You’ve got one for each color… SGG please gimme Onatel, I want her so bad

I’m on the board of many multinationals and my PA messes up my schedule sometimes, who can replace him?


LOL great job picking so many heroes!

Vivica seems very organized. She’s the one managing all the stronghold affairs, after all!

My grandma is getting a bit old. Who can I hire to watch over her and act as a nurse / helper?

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Melendor, he is a healer. That could become important in old age. And if he’s about the same age as your grandma, maybe more will develop… :wink:

My back hurts, who takes the pain off me (no healer please, I was thinking of a good massage)?


Little John. He has that 'Chop of his that oughta do the trick. Plus, he’s nice and slow.

Who can help me locate and pay for the trips to meet every E&P person in the game that was active within the last week?


wow that’s a lot!

Fenrir to track them down, and Sif to pay for everything. have fun on your road trip!

I feel bullied by this player who attacked my defense with a Team power 500 points higher than mine. who should i send to scare this player and make him/ her sorry?

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Sumle will do that for sure… well, uhm… at least 80% sure.

My neighbours are listening to really awful 90s trash (which I love on trash parties, but they seem to REALLY like it, non-ironically). Who can send over to take away their sound system (and bring it to my place)?


Margaret will hide in the shadows and steal it for you :wink: for fun she will also leave an old broken phonograph in its place that will make absolutely no noise (unless they slam it onto the floor).

My building is infested by rats (not really) and cockroaches (THANKFULLY, not really). Who can get rid of these pests?

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Gobbler, I don’t think I need to paint that picture!

I need someone to pick up my dry cleaning. Which hero would be best.

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Dapper Rigard, he certainly dresses like the type to need it. He might even get you a deal since he’s a regular.

Which hero would be the best to dog sit for me while my wife and I are on vacation for a week?


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