The real reason why Merlin is OP


No other hero can bring you such a satisfaction. Instead of resurrecting his Hel, Ares, Musashi and Owl friends, I just watched an Alberich KO himself.

Beautiful :smiling_imp:


Seeing this happen would make me smile as well…:grinning::grinning::grinning:


Now, this is anticlimactic.


Every good team must have a comic relief member, my dude.


You missed Ellilea’s prayer for owls in Santa hats. She is a known owl aficionado. :wink:



[lol forum, it won’t accept my owls, asks me “body seems incomplete, is that a full sentence?” :frowning: Even forum has no respect for owlage, I’m cry]


Well, I always thought owls to be quite awesome too so…

But back to the topic, I do wish I’d have gotten Merlin just to have fun with his special in raid attacks. For that matter, this past even is probably the only one I’d consider rolling for event heroes next time around. Only got Morgan, and really they all would be fun to have.


Thank you for posting this! I had just enough gems saved up for 3 pulls, & got Merlin on the 3rd one…wasn’t sure how useful he’d be, but he sounds really fun in that kind of situation!

(And owls are BEAUTIFUL. When I was 4, I’d sit facing a tree in my backyard & talk for hours to the small owl peering at me from his burrow. He was a good listener!) :slight_smile:


A little Merlin perk against titans: when the titan hits itself, it does so quickly instead of the ~2 second delay spamming your team. Those extra seconds are nice.

Do we still get the Challenge Event with the spring one running?

I like this thread. I’m going to pretend like the raid I just lost to Alberich turned out like this instead. :slight_smile: