The REAL problem here


Jordan, please don’t “rage-post”. Thank you.

What you consider whining is exactly what your post just did. You whined about whiners. Good job.

I happen to like the game very much and I fully support the development team. They frequently listen to players and address concerns properly.

Sure, there are players who don’t voice their opinions in a positive way (look in the mirror ), but feedback is feedback.

In short, get off of your high-horse please.


@Imprimere, Rage isn’t exactly the emotion I would use to describe the feeling running through @Jordan_WJLC’s post. Incredulity, yes. Exasperation, yes. But rage? Just don’t see it. And judging from the number of ‘hearts’ received, it seems many other players share the same sentiment. That being said, I enjoy the game, as you do. Good Luck and may the RNG gods smile in your direction. :smiley:


I agree because this game is completely fair compared to any other mobile game. Everything is okay to win in games like these but not on E&P. Love this game even though I’ll prob never get 4 trap tools I’ll still be playing waiting and using other heroes.


It’s just because you’re not the one who loses € 300, without hotm, while you see how free players have 4. Saying that is fair is an insult to reason. And no, this forum is not normal, free players are part of the community of a game, but not even as you say here, without you the game is smaller, instead of a million, it has 500 thousand, but it works the same, without payers, big or small, there is no game. What happens here is anything but fair, and on top of that, the free players constantly dare to call weepers to the payers, who are paying them the game, it is shameful.


Of course it isn’t fair, but like many others on this forum, you’re making the mistake taking a VERY extreme case and preaching it like it’s the norm, which is completely misleading. The vast majority of f2p players never see ANY 5*, hotm or otherwise (until TC20). On the flipside, MOST p2p players have at least 1 5*, usually more, including a hotm or two, if they’ve been playing a while.

I feel sorry for those few p2p players with terrible luck, I really do. I think we all do, because we all want each other to have good pulls and enjoy the game. But to take these individual cases and boast them as normal is simply false.


I have had a grand total of 4 epic hero tokens in 2 months, and one of them was the guaranteed reward from season 1. Even with that scenario where I haven’t added any new keepers to my roster in that time, I’ve still been roadblocked by ascension materials. So I do laugh at people claiming that HotM are raining from the sky via tokens (but maybe it’s because I am not F2P but C2P… I’d need a tinfoil hat to go there, and sadly I am all out of foil).

I sympathize with those that feel like they’ve been ripped off (but not if they keep paying and complaining), but would they feel any better if they had a stack of heroes they couldn’t ascend? I’m guessing not.


IDK, it seems that it’s more normal than not from what I’ve been reading on here. More $ guarantees nothing although, the promise of maybe is always present. So what are the odds of getting a really good hero? So, I can just tell you my odds from the coins and any money spent, getting anything higher than a mediocre 4* has been about .01%. Now those are odds worth betting on! Call it what you will, but I agree with anyone who may be frustrated by these types of odds and for those of you who have wonderful ascended teams, maybe you forgot the struggle of climbing up the ladder, but its not as much fun as you remember. This is just my opinion, so it is what it is.


Ahahahah…I like this game too, but i don’t like injustice.