The REAL problem here

@Sirjant31337 - A little off topic, but this is a known issue. Please read the following thread for more information:

[KNOWN ISSUE - 1.14] Enemies Turning Invisible (with Counter Attack & Self-Healing)

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Gee thanks?
I feel loved.

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Plenty of people whine in the global Chatrooms as well. I’ve pretty much stopped going there as well.

I’d like to see these people who complain all the time about not pulling 5* heroes every time and not being able to win every raid go to Las Vegas or anywhere that has a casino and complain why they can’t get 7 7 7 to come every time when they pull the slot machine lever. Boo Hoo - you are the same people that complain when they are not dealt a good hand in poker, etc.


I was half joking, I should have added a winky face but I hoped that my tone was implied.

I post my feedback (critical) in the AW matchmaking thread because it is quite broken where I’m at, and it has a negative impact on alliance morale. I don’t think it’s whinging, but maybe it is.

As for the money, we can individually choose not to spend money if we think it’s not worth it. I too do not understand people that spend and cry, spend and cry in some vicious cycle of disappointment. Seems like an abusive relationship. But if enough people want to tell the world how much they spent and how little they got from it, maybe it will deter someone else. Seems like a positive to me :slight_smile:


I appreciate people who complain and add structured arguments and possible solutions. This is necessary to get different insights about the topic.

If you do not add this to your complaints, then you complain to get rid of frustration in order to make yourself feel better. I understand that this is sometimes necessary, but often you will influence the mood or positive energy of other people if they are susceptible to it. I am someone who enjoys taking care of others, so this type of complaining often provokes irritations for me. Oh oh…you have just got to know me a little. :hear_no_evil:

The expressions of E&P players can not be compared with those of gamblers. Most people go to casinos or play E&P purely for entertainment value. However, gambling in a casino or in the summon portal has two completely different goals.

Most people do not depend on winning money in a casino in order to make necessary progress in their lifes. For some people the value of winning may “finally” mean progress in life (i.e. financial poverty), but for the majority it is purely entertainment.

Every single player in E&P depends on winning ‘‘better’’ heroes in the summon-portal in order to make necessary progress in the game. In contrast of the value of winning in casinos, the majority of E&P players are not being entertained by obtaining equal or less worthwile heroes.

Most of us are fine with spending some money and not winning any money in return inside a casino, because we have been able to entertain ourselves while we were in there. The experience is bigger in a casino visit than during 20 seconds of summoning heroes. Spending money on summons does actually always give us something in return. Heroes of any value are always useful, but the degree of usefulness quickly becomes very small when you already have a pretty fine bench of heroes. For the majority of players in E&P who still need to progress in order to compete better, no tools to progress simply means less-to-no entertainment.

Summoning is not the only aspect of the game which causes people to complain. It is however one of the biggest, if not the biggest, cause of the complaints. The lack of ascension materials for example is another cause.

In my eyes the real problem is that the entertainment value of the final results of summonning heroes is very low if you compare it to other events, activities or happenings, which require money to be invested.

I have said it before, but I will say it again. Implementing systems to provide us with the opportunity of making something worthwile out of our disappointing return on investments, might actually increase the total revenue of SGG. It might take a way the hesitation of spending money for some people, knowing that they can use their maybe-disappointing results. Maybe the Alchemy Lab PROPOSAL - New Building: Alchemy Lab will be a big step into this direction, let us cross our fingers… :crossed_fingers:


Stay tuned for the next thread - people complaining about the people who complain about the complainers. Can I get a unicorn too, @Elpis?

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You are very welcome :unicorn:


But how can people who are pro complaining complain about people who are complaining about the complainers?

Shouldn’t it be the people who are against complaining that should be complaining about the people who complain about people complaining about the complainers?


Always have to look from different angles. Whining is part of progress. If people are not happy with something and showing it then developers could possibly improve that process. Not always not everything should be changed but at least feedback is given.

Also have to understand if people are spending lot of money or just are very deep into something then reactions like whining, disappointment being angry or mad are normal human behaviour. Some are more emotional some less. Course there are borders. Therefore we have moderators.


New group to be formed

Capcapcap - TriCap. - TC for short … are you a TC?

Complaining about people complaining about people complaining about people complaining - lol

do you know that you see the message history in the forum?

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I see what you did there. :joy:

I’m just sick of anybody having something less than positive to say being labeled a whiner. It happens here as well as many other forums for any assortment of goods and entertainment. It’s like if you have anything negative to say, even in the midst of other positives, you’re toxic.

Sorry kids, but we’re all individual snowflakes with similar and unique thought processes. We’re not always gonna agree on things. One man’s trash is another’s treasure, that sort of thing. So get over yourselves and let all the other snowflakes have their say, whether it’s something you want to hear or not.

And enough with the labels.

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I always enjoy reading your posts as you seem to put alot of thought into them. I do have trouble, however, seeing as much distinction between casino gambling and summons as you do. Granted, there are different ‘goals’ at the apex of both activities, but they both activate the same endorphin rush we all crave. And I think one may, indeed, get a TON of enjoyment at the game even if failing at any particular summons. There are enough related game activities in E&P to keep one engaged and happy between positive summons just as there is in a casino.

But how many times do we need to hear that ascension mats are difficult to get? That has been, and continues to be, a feature of the game that helps free and cheap players be able to compete. Same goes for summoning odds.

Of course, as with anything, improvements can and will be made. I do favor the idea of an alchemy lab, which you and other players have suggested. But God knows I do tire of all the complaining that ‘I did a ten-pull, and all I got was this lousy T-shirt’ :wink:

To all those who didn’t get the ascension mat/hero they wanted: Better luck next time. I wish you good fortune.


It is true that in the environment of E&P a sufficient amount of activities exist to keep us engaged and entertained. Not only in-game, but also on YouTube, this forum and other platforms. Perhaps it might even be a “rescue tool” for those who have lost themselves in their own negative energy.

It is a nice add (or correction of) to my post, thank you @badassninjadad for that and for the compliment. I do however question the effectiveness of these activities in general, if you compare them to the casino in this example. Maybe this is where our opinions finally seem to differ a little from each other. :wink: I understand that they release the same endorphin rush we all crave, but the environment is just so different!

These other activities to feel engaged, happy and entertained work perfectly fine for me, and for you, but I doubt they do for a major part of the community. This is a subjective feeling and I am aware that the effectiveness of these activities may very well be sufficient enough. As I said, they already are for me.

Why do I have doubts though? The amount of complaints and posts filled with pure whining just seems to be so high. Sometimes I literally sigh out loud when I read the same posts over and over again (yes, the 10x pull and lousy t-shirt is indeed one of them :sweat_smile:), so I do not want to imagine what SSG has to endure from time to time. This also makes me realize that eventhough the systems work fine for me, changes may be necessary to ensure the continuity and F2P/C2P principles of the game. Careful changes, not the desired and impulsive changes the majority of the complaining people are usually suggesting.

I completely agree with you that the current distribution of ascension materials is necessary and very balanced for F2P/C2P players to be able to compete. A simple change in this is not something I support heavily. And neither do I support a change in the probabilities of summoning specific heroes at all. We both appreciate other solutions, which do not necessarily have to create more balance between the certain levels of players (i.e. top class, middle class, F2P, C2P, P2W etc.).

I do fully support changes which would allow people to progress more in the main aspects of the game (heroes and scension materials; “real problems” for a lot of people apparently), but only if it ensures the rarity of these aspects and the balance between the certain level of players.


I have been playing E&P for almost 3 months now. I set myself a spending limit when i realized i WANTED to spend money. The way I see it is i have no qualms of spending $60 on a console game so that was my limit since I have been spending so much time on it.

I love match 3 games and i think this game has all the others beat, especially since there are no crazy annoying pop ups telling you to buy this or that. I think that is why I have happily spent money on it.

I played as long as I could solo and after reading Titans and Wars were the only way to get ascension mats, I joined an alliance and hit another problem ( tackled in another thread- the dreaded non existent leader issue)

I realize that the summon portal is a casino machine, in fact every time I roll, I close my eyes :slight_smile: I don’t go to casinos and do not believe in gambling, but this is fine by me, I know what the odds are and I won’t complain, I know it’s a gamble and have decided to just keep levelling up my training camps instead of the constant disappointment of no 5* hero.

I do have a good bunch of 4* so I am not too miserable, but something does need to be done to balance things out a bit for the players who can’t funnel hundreds of dollars a month on mobile games. I have done the monthly VIP thing but will only do it until I get everything levelled up to 20 when hopefully I can train my own 5* ( though reading the TC20 thread was pretty depressing as well) but I love this game, as far as match 3’s go, it makes you think instead of just swiping, and the graphics are so entertaining. My one suggestion, make the ascension mats more accessible one way or another, specific provinces or challenges to win the mats you need.

Anyway that’s my 2 cents worth. Or should I say $60 worth.


Gaming (SG) v Gambling (addicts).

The odds of “winning” 5* heroes is about the same as winning a Royal Flush in video poker slots. Keep pumping money into E&P and tell yourself it’s just a game.

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This last part, in fact, is a big sticky point for alot of players in the game. We DON’T know what the odds are. I mean we have anecdotal evidence, and people ‘attempting’ to keep track, but it’s all of questionable value. But I agree with your point in general.

You do know what general discussion is or do you. It’s a place for people to come and voice their opinion whether positive or negative if you don’t like what you read then don’t come out here and read it. Sounds like your whining. And when it comes to a just being a game it stops being just a game when you’re spending good money on it then it becomes an investment.


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