The rationale behind class quests

I guess stock all 4 slots with health pots and call it good :joy:

Jk lol but yea i don’t understand why they did this. I felt release was a bit rushed, i hope this isn’t one example proving my theory

the way the trials are set up they are forcing people to learn how to play without just stacking colors to win. which will benefit FTP players more than anyone thinks currently.

there are to any videos show9mg so called “pro” players who run monochrome or 3-2 teams to win matches.

I said said to anchor from 7DD during his live stream the other day,hoping for gem cascades is not skill. if you have skill been working on your bench for wars, the trials will be fun and imaginative, but if you been working on that ONE TEAM then you are gonna reap what you have sewn. I constantly preached to our newer players that working on your bench sooner than later will lead you to more of everything In this game. the trials are a great way to teach diversity, and especially for defensive players, allows us to showcase the actual skill required to think outside the box for a victory

A+ on the addition of the trials SG.


I agree with your post

I will add that i was forced to color stack on this last quest, 3 greens 2 reds as that was the best selection of heros i had. While i do hate mono, i think 3/2 or 3/1/1 are viable strategies in this game and is even used for titans to for solid gains

Color stacking is something i feel every player should at least practice and know how to do even if they don’t use it regularly, never know when you’ll want/have to use it

Rainbow is fun but not always most productive depending on opponents and situation

Mono has it’s uses as well but should be a last resort in my opinion


I run mono-teams from time to time. I do not hope for cascades or hope for the right color. I work the board until I get cascades or until I get enough tiles of the right color.

Of course there are a few unwinnable boards when going mono but most are winnable even if they look bad at the beginning, i.e. if you’re facing an easy tank like Guinevere. If facing Azlar for example then it’s much more about luck.

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If you don’t have a great bench… yes, you should try to build your team with a skill logic.

But if you are an older with a deep bench (like me, with not so many 5* but a ton of 4*) you can pretty much monocolor even theese quests, as you just need some duples :grin:

Not a great change for us.


I’m not against mono working as it does it just leads new players in the wrong direction early in the game and if they start losing matches from not getting gems lot of frustration as they may have had the characters necessary to counter their opponent without stacking.

all fighting tactics should be showcased giving people with different roster more options and learning tools. I watched the top alliance in the game run 3 mono teams in a war on live stream and got owned In two of them. not a good way to showcase what the game can do

Still not enough to get me to level the green 5* twins…they will sit at 1.1 forever unless they are buffed

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Don’t you find them more of the same…and far too easy?

What about Lianna and Buddy? Aint worth it heroes?
This is so Ridiculous!

Who are you speaking of?


All this hard times will be gine when ever SGG relaise the Alchimy Lab.
When we become able to swip AMs between each others … every F2P will be able to hit the strong enough bench to beat most of the challanges … My honest guess that devs are working on all the promissed to come out updates and add featurs for our all benifits …
Which will answer the question of why only lv30 can do the quests maybe cause the player level will be required as well to build those new buildings.
Time will only be the true master for E&P my dear friends.

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Elkanen and Kadilen…regularly on this list of uninteresting or bad heroes.

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Ppl like Quintus, Horgall, Khagan, Elk…etc, are 5☆s but … Lame … I am not gonna even ascend one of them beyond of 2^60!

Ah. I’ve had some issues raiding against them in plantinum, but i agree if you have other heros to get you through the quests, no need to work on them unless there are other better reasons one day.
My Horgall will someday see 2/60. Maybe sooner than later though if he’ll be useful to me in the quests…


Actually, thank you for that Jedon. My Khagan actually might just see some love soon. I was just looking to see what class he is and that’s Ranger.
What other class is ranger going to be combined with? I haven’t come across this information yet? Been trying to avoid all the fighting.
Sorry if I’m going off topic

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Those two classes.

Thanks to @Mariamne for making those guides.
Have a great day :blush:


Thanks @Jedon! I’ll have to find these so i can easily reference them! Are they already linked in the master link post?

These classe quests are interesting and i think probably will help me figure out which heros could be useful to level.
Upon further inspection I don’t think Khagan or Horghall will be seeing any love anytime soon in my deck though. Maybe Boril will though. I like rainbow teams for these sorta things…


It will be off-topic to post em here … also don’t remember where I saw them posted tbh.
But as a tip I just download any thing maybe later help me ir any one else on the forums or alliances.
Will post all of the guides from @Mariamne on Chit Chat thread and you can download em all there @Starryeyedgryph


A pro to them is they encourage newer players to not feed away all their viable 3* heroes and lack luster 4* heroes. This will benefit their war performance since they’ll have better roster depth, more choices, and be able to choose to colorstack in wars.

I was so ready to feed away my 1/1 Gormek becausse Wilbur was always a better choice for me. Nope, not anymore. He’s staying now.

I may or may not feed away my 1/1 Kelile (I have marjana and scarlett) but for right now she’ll stay aswell.

A little con for me is I can tell for quite awhile getting 4* and 5* heroes to final tier will be a slower process. Like, Im leveling up Grimm and when he reaches 3/60 he’ll have all the ascension materials he needs ready. However, I’m also short on wizards so I feel more inclined to let him collect dust at 3/60 or 4/1 then work on Kiril so they can both be semi-viable the next time a trial that needs them comes around


All her wonderful work on classes can be found here:


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