The rationale behind class quests


Actually, thank you for that Jedon. My Khagan actually might just see some love soon. I was just looking to see what class he is and that’s Ranger.
What other class is ranger going to be combined with? I haven’t come across this information yet? Been trying to avoid all the fighting.
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Those two classes.

Thanks to @Mariamne for making those guides.
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Thanks @Jedon! I’ll have to find these so i can easily reference them! Are they already linked in the master link post?

These classe quests are interesting and i think probably will help me figure out which heros could be useful to level.
Upon further inspection I don’t think Khagan or Horghall will be seeing any love anytime soon in my deck though. Maybe Boril will though. I like rainbow teams for these sorta things…


It will be off-topic to post em here … also don’t remember where I saw them posted tbh.
But as a tip I just download any thing maybe later help me ir any one else on the forums or alliances.
Will post all of the guides from @Mariamne on Chit Chat thread and you can download em all there @Starryeyedgryph


A pro to them is they encourage newer players to not feed away all their viable 3* heroes and lack luster 4* heroes. This will benefit their war performance since they’ll have better roster depth, more choices, and be able to choose to colorstack in wars.

I was so ready to feed away my 1/1 Gormek becausse Wilbur was always a better choice for me. Nope, not anymore. He’s staying now.

I may or may not feed away my 1/1 Kelile (I have marjana and scarlett) but for right now she’ll stay aswell.

A little con for me is I can tell for quite awhile getting 4* and 5* heroes to final tier will be a slower process. Like, Im leveling up Grimm and when he reaches 3/60 he’ll have all the ascension materials he needs ready. However, I’m also short on wizards so I feel more inclined to let him collect dust at 3/60 or 4/1 then work on Kiril so they can both be semi-viable the next time a trial that needs them comes around


All her wonderful work on classes can be found here:


Well, they are in line with what the game is all about, and I think the difficulty is okay (quite doable with a 4* team (so far, at least)).


Druid and cleric quests was a nightmare for me as I only had a combined of 3 heroes for this shi* quest. Had to use battle items for it.

Yes it forces me to upgrade other heroes from now on. :stuck_out_tongue:


Not sure I agree with you on this… actually, I think the trials force people to stack colours, as the hero colour distribution is actually stacked in classes. Not many players, especially mid- and lower level player, are going to have such a crazy deep bench to be able to use viable heroes in a rainbow team.


The trials definitely force stacking, but I suspect the good doctor meant in other aspects of the game like raiding, where you want the talented heroes to have a monopoly on tile procs :slight_smile:


You answered it yourself. Not everyone has a deep bench.

For those who have not, it forces players to upgrade more heroes and therefore, prolongs the life cycle of this game. Even a veteran like me does not have 5x leveled 4* and 5* heroes of every class for the fact that my roster is heavily skewed towards certain classes. Now I am forced to upgrade certain heroes that I never considered before.


hmmm, seems to me he is talking about the class quests… please see where I quoted him.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not championing colour stacking as opposed to rainbow teams, although I do find it a necessary skill. The game teaches beginner players to build a rainbow team (all those ‘missing hero’ messages) and now it will teach them the advantages of colour stacking, so that they have further choices.
It can be frustratingly difficult to teach members of the alliance that the rainbow team is not the be-all-end-all of team compilation.


Yep, you’re right, my bad.


Sorry, @Airhawk - I was replying to @DoctorStrange. I do believe the idea behind the classes is to give people a reason to deepen their benches further, just as Alliance Wars originally did.


Yes … and these quests will force you away from a rainbow team … but not into proper color stacking in many cases. The only heroes you have to bring may well be the weak colors you want to avoid or neutral colors you wouldn’t choose to stack.

Kinda like bringing a team for a red tank raid … and the game glitching and bringing you a blue tank (neutral) or even a green one (weak)


The problem I had with the 3rd class match the only hero’s It would allow is Broil, Vivica, Regard, Wu Kong and Tibrutus, my opponents were…Vivica…Broil…and Regard. . I battled to a stalemate for and hour…with only Tibrutus with any attack abilities and 4 healers Tibrutus was killed so only tiles for damages so I just ended the fight…no one has an hour to spend in one fight…Im going on 3 year’s playing this game and Im starting to lose my interest with silly matchups like this.


Sorry, but this doesn’t make sense to me - you have been playing this game for going on 3 years? If this were true (which it can’t be, as the game hasn’t been out that long), then you would have a deeper bench of heroes…


I have more 5* and 4* hero’s than this 61 yr old will live to max all but you need to research the game history…I played on PC about 10 years ago before the cell version… I have every hero I need from Joon to Azlar


I’ve got a week old F2P account… Not gonna break on it lol… And I’m sort of glad that I must be lvl 15 to even participate (it’s not 15 yet) There is no way that that account has a chance at this point… No depth in roster.

Lvl 30 might be a bit high, but seeing the limitations of lower levels at this point, makes me glad I’m not wasting mats and items to try to do the quests and focusing on building the bench properly first. I’m in no rush, theres so much to do in this game.


I would be delighted if you could provide a link. My search hasn’t uncovered anything that old.