The rationale behind class quests

Upon further reflection, and this may have been raised by someone else before, it seems to me that the underlying purpose of class quests is:

  1. to get us to grind longer and harder;

  2. to force us to collect as wide a selection of heroes as possible (if this hasn’t occurred already), to cover all combinations of classes; and

  3. by virtue of 2 above, to make us even more desperate for ascension materials.

That’s a fairly smart tactic from Small Giant because it means certain heroes that would never otherwise see the light of day might actually get ascended for the exclusive purpose of farming class emblems (especially in the case where a player is lacking heroes for a particular class quest).

I can already foresee that I am going to struggle with class quests involving Rangers and Wizards.

Whether or not it turns people off (especially new players) is another thing entirely.

Should be an interesting first few months.


The good news is the quests so far are beatable with 4* so players won’t have to waste 4* mats on 5* they won’t use just to beat them. Granted 5* can make it easier but i don’t see them being a necessity yet. Fits in pretty well with the other areas of the game in that regard


There is nobody who is forcing you to do the Ranger/Wizards quests. If you feel tehere are no viable hero’s you want to level anyway, why invest in levelling them to get the emblems and put the emblems in hero’s you would never use any other way :wink:
There was some wise man who once said: Pick you battles wisely… This is one of these moments :wink:

But in general I have to agree and came to the same conclusion as you did.
Smart move from SG because asc math bundles will be sold more frequent now as more veteran players will also be levelling up ‘unwanted/unused’ hero’s just to stay in the race and not want to be feeling the slow one.


Lol as far as SG sales:

Gotta get the gettin while the gettin’s good

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Yes, it means people have incentive to get more heroes… but they also get use out of stuff that was sitting getting dusty in their inventory because it didn’t get a rave review.

It also go a ways to making people feel better about training/pulling the less popular 4s and seeing some use for their old 3*s? And using emblems on solid 4s expands the power of people who still have limited 5s.

Yes, some people will buy ascension mats, but a lot of them probably did so before, and people are happily completing the final level of the trials with 3-60s so it’s not strictly necessary.


The emblem economy put aside, I find the class quests to be a nice addition of a meaningful thing to do. And that was sorely needed for those of us who are getting close to “end game”. For me, that means Ivl 50-60 f2p with 50+ maxed 4/5*, ascension materials in abundance and no new hero’s in sight. Unless Magni pops out of tc20, that is.

An addition of 6* hero’s would have killed the game (for me). Classes, however, gives a new way to develop what we already have. My concern now is that the tickle of emblems will be so slowly paced that my interest will fade before the class-effect gets a chance to turn me back on :wink:. Or, that purchasable emblem bundles will increase the gap between p2w and f2p further and faster.

The quests, however, are fine.


@Maldoror yeah I agree. I actually enjoy the quests too, perhaps a bit too much which is actually at the heart of my concerns…

For example I am even contemplating ascending Skittleskull who is currently 3-60 for Trials of Mysticism…which is crazy because, class quests aside, I wouldn’t ordinarily be able to justify giving that joker fine gloves. It feels like such a waste lol. I’m a stingy hoarder as @Shohoku79 might know


Let me add another one for you:

  1. To make us use/waste resources to craft battle items.

Some people are already doing so, but if not the next trial, the following two will prove my point for even more people.


So far i really apreciate everything of classes.
Is a smart way to extend the game without making anything obsolete, and they do it quite well and balanced. It fire up me again for sure.
If one of the new buildings is something about fusion too, i can even think about restart spending as gift for them.

The whole system is really good and not so P2W inclined for me, more a way to get hooked on them for another couple of years (and i don’t mind it)

But all this can easily fade away with a bad cash offer programming. And Zynga pressing for better results can be a risk in that sense.

We will see.


I find that to be a good thing. Players wanted something that required more strategy and a challenge, if they have to resort to battle items to complete a world energy task then the devs have done their job in my opinion. If it was easier then i think we would see more complaints than praises right now.

I believe players who enjoy this game, enjoy a challenge


A challenge is great (Christmas one, for instance), but making trials for classes with no healers might (will?) force the majority of players (all?) to need to bomb the final wave. That’s not a challenge at all…

It’s ok if you don’t have X heroe leveled for that trial, but not that great when basically whatever mix of the heroes from those 2 classes make the trial impossible without extensive use of items.

That was my point…

Which trials have no healers?

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Serenity and survival, for instance (in one of them you might want to discuss Aegir being the healer, or maybe elemental link heroes…)

Edit: depending on HOTM, in any case, isn’t a great idea for F2P players

Edit 2: there is Red Hood in one of those I just noticed… But then again, which % of the player base have her?

Edit 3: and Justice only has Aeron and… Friar Tuck! I’ll have to get and level 2 of them to cover all heroes lol

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Sorcerer and rogue will give me trouble
I must level sabina!!!
The only healer in both classes is sabina

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Serenity = paladin/ranger
Survival = rogue/barbarian

Aegir Ares

Red hood



Correct. There are also 10 tc20 healers total from my count. So there should be at least 1 in every trial.

I know they ran into this issue in beta and attempted to solve it pre release but apparently they failed.

Easiest fix would be to switch classes fight together on which trials

@Petri is this not fixable?

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Well, at least they chose a good name for it :joy:

PS. Totally missed Aeron in paladin as well… One of those HOTM I might never have.


I only counted tc heros. If classes are supposed to be somewhat balanced for f2p/p2w then i 100% think at least 1 tc healer should be in every trial.


Trilas of Survival- Barbarian a Rogue heroes have no healers at all even no 3* healers.
This will be the hardest stage even it includes many heroes, boss stage will be a pain to deal with when we have no healers.
True survival mode? I am not wasting my precious event bombs and dragon banners!
Something’s gotta give…

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I might have read somewhere that the next heroe of the month is a rogue healer? There you go the answer if that’s the case? Not really F2P friendly though

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was changed to cleric recently


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