The raids are ridiculous now


To the Devs: could you please change the “raid strenght” back to how it was?
Seems like the raids got changed again and it is horrible now! Horrible!
How does it come that I can beat someone like Apokaside, Chris or Arien without one of my hero’s dying or even losing some HPs??? These players should be challenging and not “weak”. It’s catastrophic and it doesn’t make fun again.
After that change, the whole top 50 has totally new players. Even someone with an attack power of 3000 can beat someone with 3700 without any problems.

The whole alliance, in where I am (Shadow Warriors), is upset about that changement.

We’d really appreaciate it.


And to further this it is verry inconsistent one day you win 90% next day 10%. No rhyme or reason. Yesterday I won almost every raid was at #12 went to bed ended up at 300+, I know I have a poor defensive team so I can accept this but my attack team is decent.


I do agree on some points. The wild fluctuations are a little ridiculous. Unless you have some bad luck on the end of the attacker, anyone really can beat anyone. But all that being said, i’m pretty sure that’s the point.

They wanted new players in the top 50-100. They want more people involved in the mix. I don’t believe it’s a flaw, or unintended biproduct of a change in dynamic, but rather by design. When they did a hard reset on trophies above 3k it was clear they wanted to remove that separation of the top 3-5 from everyone else. I do think it’s gone a little too far.

To me, it’s a bit of a snowball effect. Generally during the night when I sleep is when I take the most/hardest hits. What ends up happening is a mix. I’ll get hit by rank 500’s and lose 50 trophies each time, and I’ll get hit by rank 10- and lose 10. Then when I log in, I’ll retaliate against the 10’s, and having lost all those trophies, I hit them much harder than they had originally hit me in the 40-50 range. That absolutely blows up the possibility of any separation ever being created.

The bottom line is, the defender will always have the disadvantage for one simple reason. The AI. Your defense is basically an auto-attack. It doesn’t matter how good your team is if the AI is too stupid to correctly use it. But I do acknowledge the amount of coding it would actually take to actually fix this, if you can even call it fixing, would likely cripple the small company with work. It’s just not feasible.

At least we can all take comfort in the knowledge that trophies hold absolutely zero meaning in this game.


I agree waking ip to 400 cups less is no fun even revening only get me 50% back


Most of the time I don’t even bother to revenge


They have done some changes to the raids. The nerfs to boldtusk and li, the two most used heroes in defence, made it generally easier to raid. The big difference though i think was the changes to how much mana is gained by defensive heroes when doing combos. Before the recent updates a combo could charge up the defending heroes from being empty. They have in several steps made this last less and less and this has made it much easier to win raids. It is like we are all eggs with hammers atm.


I agree i woke up to almost 400 cups gone today and when i revenge i only got back close to 200 so when they raid they can take more cups from you then you can get by revenging you only get half back like example one guy raided me he got 40 cups when i revenge the highest i could get back was 20 cups i feel that when you revenge you should not only get your total amount cups back but also get an additional 5 to 10 more but thats only my opion


I don’t get what’s been asked here.

The points system was just that, points. What changed is that before someone with 500 more hero power than you meant a lot less than now. I have around 3200 hero points and not a single maxed hero yet, fighting 3500 means fighting people with max heros, the 300 gap means a lot now. Fighting them is really though for me, I usually try to avoid them.

Back then, the gap between me and a person with that much maxed heros were a lot bigger, if I was a 3200, they were almos 4000. Because of that they seemed a lot more “scary”. The change in points just ajusted how we perceive them. If I would complete avoid them back then, now with good boards I can win against a 3700 that are pretty much the top players.

If there was any actual change to the raid system itself, how mana is gathered and all (other than the combo thing a couple months ago), I’m not aware nor noticed it to be honest.

What I think it’s happening is that more people are joining in, and that means more competition. More competion means getting hit more often. But there’s nothing you can do about that.

Raids work on a fairly obvious system, it continuously match people with close amount of trophies. If you have a X number of trophies and the average of people with that amount is higher than you, you’ll be hit a lot more, since you are a easy target. So unless you get stronger, you’ll find yourself stuck in a fixed range. The same way, after getting hit for a while you get to a Y number where you are a lot stronger than the average and you stop getting hit as much.

In my case, I’m usually at 2300, when I don’t play or raid I get down to 2000-2100 and no one else hits me. That’s the core of the system. It’s the same way in other games, although some has those “shield” mechanics that locks your scores for a given time if you pay for it.

Get hit less or winning more when people fight you is highly influenced by luck, but also strategy. Having a good defense team, for example. I fight some people that clearly paid a lot for their teams, but they have just no idea of how to position the heros, It’s a walk in the park.

Also see many people that don’t know how to take advantage of the revenge system or the reward preview. People that just don’t know how to choose their targets, that don’t know their weakness and what teams to avoid. They seem to go blind based on how much trophies they will potentially earn.

Raid will favor smart moves, strategies and good teams. That won’t change even if they make it harder to win. There’ll still be good players hitting you. And as more people join, more and more people will raid too.

Other games solve that by separating the players in brackets of less people, like brackets of a thousand people. The problem of that is the brackets are never even, and while one you would be the king, the other you are bellow a dozen people that farm your *ss off.

Every system will have it issues.


Mai, of course the change in how power was counted didn’t change the outcome of battles. What has been mentioned are several changes made in the recent updates that has made defence weaker in general. This has created a situation where in the top 50 everyone can win against everyone even when quite big difference in team power. You are talking about hero placements and choosing your target and that sort of tactics and that’s how we want the game to be. The recent changes had made the top 50 into a reroll party where you just try to get the highest target possible. It doesn’t really matter how I place my heroes since everyone within targeting distance will win anyway when attacking me and I don’t care about the opponents placements because I will win anyway when I’m attacking. So the complaint is simple, attack has become too strong compared to defence.


I lost 3 times in a row to a guy with 300 less cups and 300 or so less team power today. Seems a little ridiculous. The healer on their team accumulated enough mana that about every 3 turns he was able to heal his team. My healer didnt get enough to heal once. After the first move for each team, their healers mana bar was half full. The automatic mana increase for the defrnding team without them even doing anything is brutal…also, i believe something has been changed as well that the AI targets healers first. Almost all attacks were directed to my healer and he was dead in all 3matches before i could even get a full mana bar…which was also pathetic that very few co I ors that my healer needed ever even showed up on the board…


I wrote this in another thread:

"I’ve learned that cups are a meaningless metric to gauge your gameplay by. There appears to be a balance mechanism that says if you have “x” team power, you will only be allowed “x” cups. So, if you earn a lot of cups above the X factor in the equation, you will either be raided by powerful enough players to lose the cups needed to return you to your balance point, or you will be pitted against players who are more powerful than you, causing you to fail in your own raids until the balance is returned. And the same applies to the inverse. Have too few cups and you’ll win more raids to bring you back up to the balance point.

I tell my alliance all the time, raid purely for resources. Don’t focus on the cups. They are really only an artificial measure, showing how much you have paid to play or how lucky you are at character draws. My opinion only of course."


I admit I’m not at that level yet, so I couldn’t say anything about that.

But I do think it’s probably because of how def works. I’ve being crunching some number and noticed that defense seems to work in a exponencial way. 650 defense decreased my damage by about 82% and 800 was 85%. That means that at that point, the difference between heroes with 650 and 800 def is very small. So if you can face the 650 one, you should be able to face the 800 as well. That’s completely different from the early numbers, between 250 and 380 def I’ve seem a 12% decreased damage.

If I’m right, it means they made it in a way that the difference between the end game players means nothing.


I agree! The defending team mana fills too fast compared to the attacking team. All my heroes have fast mana builds too.


That was a comunication of “manteinance” for raids the other day.
Something changed or…?


It said raids would not be affected.

Leaderboard was going to be unavailable assuming the note was corrected typed that I saw. I don’t think everyone got it and of course ye old game of telephone ensued.

Old thread, maybe another candidate for when Copper feels like cleaning again - “Raid complaints go here” heh.

Slash frequency the same, mana generation the same, win rate still the same, just finding more active targets which means less ham for me.


I agree. The raids seem to be too predictable lately; one day I am winning battles I should, and the next, I am losing to lower/inferior teams. Why the sudden change in the raids? My enthusiasm for the game is starting to wane. Could anybody tell me WHY the raids have changed???


It’s funny. Before the change, I rarely won any attempted raids. After, I won three in a row, then Raids seemed to hit an equilibrium of wins and losses. shrug


It seems that they are trying to find a balance for Raids. Earlier, the advantage was too great for the attacker, so it appears to me as though they significantly increased mana generation rate and attack rate of the defending party, which grants too much advantage to the defending party IMO. I am sure there is a balance here somewhere, but as of now, it seems like you need to get three or four of your attacking heroes to be able to fire their special ability in the first three or four turns, or you are done for, even if your power is ranked 200 points above the defender.


Still don’t see what’s so bad in raids right now.
People can win against team even 300-400-500 stronger, how is that be possible if it was “so hard”?


It’s all in the board. Few days ago I won vs a fellow with over 700 power over me (granted - barely), then I proceeded to wipe to some dude with 200 below me :woman_shrugging: