The raid engine is infuriating

I should not be losing consistently to defensive teams that are 200, 300 and even 400 power less than me. Having higher power means that 95 percent of the time, I should be OVERpowering them. This part of the game has become VERY discouraging to me and I am really starting to question any more investment in this game.

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Hiya @Eric4, welcome to the forum.

In relation to your “Bug / Issue”, Most of the issues people have with raiding & losing many matches has more to do with the composition of your team, how you play & the synergy between your heroes.

If I might ask a couple questions:

  1. How often do you raid?
  2. When you raid, do you change your team or just use the same one all the time?
  3. Do you raid rainbow coloured heroes or do you stack?
  4. If you stack, is there a strategy behind your stacking?
  5. What is your roster like?
  6. Do you re-roll when you raid?

For me personally I don’t have any issues with the raid mechanic on either my main account (level 60) or my alt account (only level 23). In fact I routinely beat teams which are higher TP, Lower TP & same TP… On my main I have a win-loss ratio of 92.29%. I don’t track it on my Alt but I estimate the win-loss ratio is about 80%
(Alt is VC2P so not spent much at all… just the Presents from Rudolph deal)


I use Leonidas, Boldtusk tg 7, Richard, Horghall, and Tiburtus at tg 17. Almost always attack weaker. Very few other options. How are you calulating that winloss percentage?

You should stack strong colors against the tank.


I take a screenshot of every raid before I hit the attack button & then enter it into a Spreadsheet :wink:

My biggest suggestion would be to (as KLinMayhem said) change your lineup to stack against the tank…

What this means is you should be altering/ composing your team such that you have 2 or 3 heroes who are ‘strong’ against the tank. This will allow you to quickly kill off the tank with tiles & thus allowing you a) exposure to the more vulnerable flanks & wings and b) a spot to start ghosting tiles down (ghosted tiles count for double mana).

Another thing that I would change for you is to look at some additional synergies… Currently you have heroes who CAN work together but don’t necessarily work the best together…

So in practice if you came up against a team like:
Alberich -> Marjana -> Vivica -> Sartana -> Magni

I would suggest using a team which has 3x purples and 2x Red heroes. This will allow you to kill off the Tank & left side quickly (tiles are all strong or neutral against the heroes).

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That is all well and good but doesn’t really explain why teams at such a lower power can not only win, but win easily and often. It says to me that the power ranking is meaningless. Thanks for the info.

Just means that:
a) you took the wrong team
b) you didn’t make the best moves/ target the right matches
c) you got a bad board

The last one can’t really be helped…
The second one is what you learn the more you play… learn to analyse the board & think it through
The first is what I was hinting at trying to help you out with…


3 yellows? Against vivica!?


I’ve gone full yellow against her before, I’ve actually used her against herself to be honest, it does work if executed correctly.

Not saying it’s not possible but guvnor was suggesting stack strong against the tank :woman_shrugging:

You’d be amazed, give it a try lol

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Actually was a boo-boo on my part…

You can kill her with a yellow stack against the flanks quite easily as Viv is super super passive in tank position. Literally does nothing to affect your team so you can charge your heroes marshal the board etc… Without taking any impact or effects in return.

Then when you’re ready just go ham on her :wink:

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There’s nothing wrong with the way TP plays out in raids. TP is just a number based on the objective strength of your heroes and the supporting troops. It does not take into account thing like great/poor choice of heroes, how smartly you’re stacking, how the enemy is stacking, how the enemy heroes work well together etc.

If you’'re losing to weaker teams, maybe figure out the patterns to how you’re losing. Is it that you can’t deal enough damage to teams quickly enough (get fast heroes that deal damage)? Are you using too many healers (one healer is usually enough)? Are you missing a sniper (get a sniper)? Are you being 1-shot (get some defense boost)?

So much of this game is understanding the heroes offensively and defensively, then changing your own team composition accordingly. I got stuck in my early days and I only started advancing quickly after I figured out the strategies above, but also some that haven’t yet been mentioned:

  1. stacking colors against tanks and then stacking against the most dangerous second
  2. picking heroes that synergies well with each other and counter the worst effects of the enemy team
  3. taking advantage of the holes you create on the board rather than always launching tiles at the enemy, which charges their special. Launching tiles through a hole increases the amount of energy you get out of them AND they don’t charge the enemy
  4. whichever heroes you have, go read up on them. Whichever heroes you have a hard time with, read up on them. Knowledge is power.

So with those tips, I was able to take on enemy teams as much as 200-300 TP more powerful than my own. I quickly moved to Platinum tier that way, then Diamond as I got better heroes.

I hope that helps with your frustration


Thank you for the detailed answer. I guess I have a lot to learn and need a few more good heros.


You might get better results if you start using 3/2 teams and 2/2/1 team compositions :slight_smile:

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The raid is Really frustration… my team is pretty it doesn’t make sense one player wit less point that I am beating my entire team while withstand all my power attacks and regenerate health out of nowhere and it’s none regenerate player… :unamused::expressionless::expressionless:

There are plenty of threads here that discuss raid strategies.

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:rofl: :laughing: :rofl: :laughing:
I could have advised you to look for raid tips on the forum. but you are ALREADY on the forum, yet instead of looking for help on raiding, you chose to whine.

How do you know I have looked for tips?!?

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