The Quest of Titans is Recruiting

Friendly active alliance. Currently taking down 8 * Titans.
Come here to grow and learn the game with guys and gals from all over.
600 trophy requirement.
We ask simply to hit titans as often as possible and to be active in wars when available.

Currently 1 spots open! Mercs also welcome.

This could be the place for you if you like to be around good people and have a laugh or two while playing the game.

PS, if you ever find yourself bored, next time you take a shower, plug the drain and pretend that you are in a submarine that has just been hit! Its a blast and will change your life forever!

*PPS we have meatloaf! :fork_and_knife:

I never got meatloaf! But all the rest is spot on.

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Still have spots open?

Only 1spot left now! welcome Zuk and friends!

Bumping this Thread…

Couple things to mention

  • Currently 2 Openings

  • 800 Cups required

  • Friendly/Active chat

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One space available right now!
Roll up, roll up! Who’s going to be the lucky last member?

P.s. still no meatloaf but I’m sure we can come to an agreement.

Still spaces available. We’re keeping them nice and warm for you guys and gals.
Come and join the ranks!

If you want a fun, active and friendly alliance, why not take a gamble and give The Quest Of Titans a go, you won’t regret it!

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