The puzzle was not played

I don’t known why the puzzle were high distribution until can not play when high level in titan battle every game. It is not very fair.

What? 20…c…h…

I fully agree … such a naughty puzzle!

Next time just carefully press the distribution option, to make the puzzle more fair.

You’re not a native English speaker, I think? Maybe include the untranslated version of your post? Or post in the Foreign languages section of this forum, link: ?

This translation is not comprehensible. Sorry!


And the other question. In the alliance battle, when the hero attack the enemy what reduce live point lower than 100 point pet hit for upper or lower point of power or missing. In the other hand, the enemy attack my hero that the live point reduce more than 300 point per hit every turn. I don’t known that was bug or virus. if it is not i think it not fair. It was not fun and made bad felling.

We do not uderstand you.


Don’t know what this is about, but I agree with the title. There aren’t any puzzles in this game. Matching tiles can be hardly called a puzzle. Truth be told I’m sometimes puzzled, not sure it counts.

For example, if my hero live point are 1000 point and you hero are 800 point. My hero attack you hero for 160 hit that made you hero die. In the other hand, you hero attack my hero for 4 hit to make my hero die. Thus the ratio to hit for win between you hero : my hero was 1 : 40 hit for win.

I am not going to even look here again…

What you are typing makes absolutely no sense.

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I think you fale the mathematics and statistic examination. You don’t understand the theoretical for algorithms of all game program.

Please look here: Descriptive Index of Empires & Puzzles Resources for more detailed explanation about how this game works.

I’m not sure what you’re asking but I’m guessing the answer will be somewhere in one of those resources.

All your base are belong to us.

Ok, just kidding. Now serious: he does not understand your question. And neither do I. I understand this is frustrating, but if we don’t fully understand you, we can’t help you.

Hopefully the resources I posted a link to will help you?

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Lost me at the title…
Something with tiles damage…sorry cant help with so much info…

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