The Psychology of Randomness: As it Relates to Empires & Puzzles

Hey everyone! A lot of people asked for this video, so here it is. When I made the “How to Avoid Silly Mistakes” video, I mentioned that randomness messes with the human brain and causes weird things to happen, so people wanted to find out more. I think the concepts I talk about here can help a lot of players improve their game.

It’s relatively lengthy, so watch it when you have a spare 45 minutes, but it is quite informative. Enjoy!


I’m afraid the target audience for the video is not going to watch it. Unfortunatly, imho is to long, I personally enjoyed it as “background noice” while doing other stuff around (but I also like psychology).
It may help you to write down bullets points on the description with time lapses as to where to go.

Back to the video, I belive that ppl shouldnt classify superstition as a whole and understand that there can also be “positive superstitions”: beliefs that add a positive emotion to the task at hand, the important thing is to understand their core nature. Like the example of yourself, you told in the video: you know it doesnt increases the chances for a summoning but it does increases the fun factor for that particular summon.
I do agree that, understanding RNG and maximizing it is the best way to tackle the issue. The Monty Hall problem is a beautiful food for thought moment. In fact, that part alone would probably give you a better viewership and opportunity to teach the community about Intern locus of control. That would be a 5/10 min video with a cute fact (Monty problem) and “fast” information.

Again, you probably do this out of love for the subject and anything else that comes out of it is already a win, but I still feel is a shame to have such good willfulness go to “waste”.

Edit: Near the end, where you are giving advice on how to handle rng and such. I often see a lot of ppl stuck on their rumination, which is deadly veil of negative emotion where ppl literally boil themselves into it. Ppl could do and watch Frozen and learn to “let it go”.


I’m curious to know as to where have I complain on my previous post.
To reiterate the point I was making on my first half of the post: target audience for this video is not going to watch it/listening to it because of the format of the video.
40mins is a long time for anyone, but the target audience is specially compromised of a particular set of ppl which imho will never be in incentivize by information that is not being “spoon fed” right into their mouths. Making them “work” by sticking to a 40min long video, isnt going to entice them.


I understood you @Kara0ke :grinning:

I did think about breaking it into episodes but decided that would mess up the flow. The target audience for this one might be different. It’s more podcast style.

I’m sorry. The fault was with me.

Edit: I see now you were just being helpful giving back helpful, friendly criticism. I am srry for my rudeness. Late night reading/ posting is not a good thing for me to do.

very nicely done, @NittanyLionRoar!


I shared it in our alliance Line group and the people I’d hoped would watch it just asked me for the Cliff notes version :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


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