The problems of communication with server last time, for other players too - look in play market

Hi ! The problems of communication with server last time, for other players too - look in play market. I had internet, Facebook and Google worked. But in this game in fight of raid I leave game without internet ! It’s offensively because I was winning that fight. You made very good for heroes:.when I better my hero and leave game, after I look in game my best hero. Please, make this function for raid, when problem of communication with server or with slow internet

Shouldn’t use Google Translate. I understood nothing, but this is just me. Anyway, better ask a friend who knows english to help you out with the explanation.

I believe OP was referring to a recently-experienced game crash while raiding or attacking and proposed to SGG or Zynga or the game developers to fix this or make the game doable even with slow internet.

Good luck with that, Olga a.k.a. @MishkaGBond.

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Go the raid. I drive the fight. I’m good play as winning, but the game closed before the end of fight. I open the game, but I haven’t this fight with this enemy, and I got the loss for this fight, which I not ended and I can’t to end without communication with server. And today is not first once. And other players have this problem too.
Are you understand me ?

Тебя Гугл тоже переводит… Даже твой ник.
Проблема с вылетами из игры со знаком интернета на экране, при этом пишет то про отсутствие связи с сервером, то про отсутствие интернета. При этом работает фейсбук, Гугл,… В маркете с конца августа многие пишут о такой проблеме. Вылеты во время боя в набегах особенно обидны. В турнире продлиться за брюлики, выигрывать,… выключается связь с сервером, заходишь снова - засчитан проигрыш этого боя. За чтоооо !!!
Раньше такое в набегах было, иногда на титане, сейчас в турнире

You are not alone with this issue. Almost all of us, if not all, have encountered this kind of experience in one form or another. In my opinion, it is not the game’s fault. The error lies on the faulty internet connection. But since you mentioned that the game crashed during a raid, then it should be a bug Small Giants and/or Zynga should address.

Thank you, SGG !
I had the problems with internet during the fight of raid today too. But I got my win today. This is possible. Thank you, creators of this fantastic game !

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