The problem with Google Play Service


I have a problems with the log in in Google Play Services when I log in in Empires and Puzzles game and in the same time every single day, maybe 4-5 times the game isn’t responding or kicked me out when I am in fighting! Please help me to fix it!


Having the same issue.


OMG… Really… I’m so sorry, because it’s a disgusting! Especially when my refill is a little, maybe 2-3 battles yet and the game kicked me…ohhh…just I feel crappy, you know… Today, all day I have a problems with Google Play Service! We have to do something… Do you have any idea? Thank you!


The first ting to try is to log of google play, go out of game, del memory of old used apps and restart phone.

If this dosn’t help del EP app and reinstal game.


Be sure you have saved your game to GooglePlay first before you delete your game, so you don’t lose your account/progress.

Usually, turning the phone off and on again works for me. If not, I contact Game Support:


Thank you, so much! I restarted my smartphone /tablet many times before and yesterday too and the problem fixed for a couple hours or one-two days max, but after that he returned again. But, your idea with Google Play Service sound very good and I’ll try to make it and we’ll see… I hope so that everything will be OK! Thank you so much, one more time! Hugs and kisses! Have a nice day and happy holidays to you and your family!

Thank you, so much for the attention and the good idea! I appreciate that, believe me! For sure I'll try it and before I'll save my EP, before reinstall the game app. But, if I have to be honest, I have a fear that my EP account/progress can be totally delete when I reinstalled the game app and.... Jesus, then I have to go back, literally by the zero..... Hope so that it doesn't happen, but I have a fear.... Like I said, I'll save the game before, but if it's happening, what you think, have any chance to return my account progress back? Thank you so much about everything! You are awesome, really! I wish you one very smile, special, wonderful and blessed day and Happy Holidays to you and your family! I'll be waiting for your answer. Thank, you! 🙏✌😄🙋😀😊


It seems to have worked for me.


If there is a glitch, you can contact Game Support. They will help you get your account back: