The Probably Never Happens

Greetings all!

While the Tavern is getting some pretty big hate for its summon odds, which are admittedly probably unnecessarily low, there were some funny things that when you step back and think about, probably never happen in this game.

A couple examples I had off the top of my head:
1 - Bauchan single handedly keeps a team of Delilah, Gravemaker, and Alasie in check making it impossible for them to special before dying.

2 - Danzaburo gets a killing blow on Gravemaker. I am sure someone at E&P has the stats to say exactly how many times this happened, but rightfully doesn’t care enough to do so. Still, seriously, how many times could it happen that someone says “Meh, I just finished off Gravemaker with Danzaburo, no big.” and they weren’t saying something ridiculous to be funny?

The alternative would be to start a Danzaburo is OP topic given his recent buff, but I will refrain … for now.

Those are just two I remember off the top of my head, but because of how Tavern was set up all sorts of weird crap probably happened that pretty much never does. I at least find that aspect refreshing.


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