The probability of obtaining aethers is the same for all?

I mean even me, Captain Fanboi, expects Aethers to be sold at some point. It just feels entirely inevitable


I hope you are correct.

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If it was real life, we could start a pool … for a couple weeks, I’ve been calling it for “Cyber Monday”. The perfect holiday gift for the favorite heroes in your life.

I won’t even argue about they selling aethers. Like they lose the chance of making profit. Lol. Not judging them but it’s pretty obvious. Probably after all elements quests

That would be beyond ridiculous…but this is Zynga/SG we’re talking about here.

The assumption thay they will sell aether had just been proven correct.

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Yes and now is the time to complain :relaxed:

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:raised_hands: I laughed so hard when I saw the offers.


same, first thought was omg today forum will be on fire and many same posts :joy:

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