The probability of obtaining aethers is the same for all?

I’ve seen players who have already reached 5k power with all or most of their heroes with limitbreakers. I do not understand how this is possible, perhaps the probability is broken for many, or certain players are favored on purpose. there are players who are already very advanced and others very behind, I propose to solve this problem


That’s exactly what probability is.

After a little bit of time:
A few players will be able to limit break more 5* heroes.
The broad mass will be able to limit break only 1 or 2 5* heroes.
And some players won’t be able to limit break a single 5* hero.

There are ways to increase the odds, like winning more wars or reaching better loot brackets in the weekly tournaments.
But even that won’t guarantee you anything.

I don’t know if the odds stated are true or not, but what we can see at the moment is nothing extraordinary if the odds are true.

BTW from what I can see you already got a 5* dark Aether and either missed the last stage of the holy quest or already limit broke one and got 2 yellow 5* Aether.
Either way with at least 1 5* Aether from another source than the quest you are definitely not on the unlucky side.
I know a lot with exactly 0 5* Aethers beside the ones they got from the quest.


You can get aether for war victories and in tournaments. If you finish tournaments in top1% you have a higher probability to get 4* aeethers. If you loose the war, you dont get any aethers. So rhe probabilty is a function of performance in war and tournament.
Have patience, the next omega quest is due on thuesday.

Happy gaming

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Always in top 1% and zero aether for me while some players obtained 5 or 6 aethers already. Probability really sucks it’s really hard to think that it’s not on purpose to maitain jealousy and make us pay because of frutration


Probability - yes
RNG creating vast differences - also yes

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that will be fixed with aethers offers very soon like emblems does. if you want more of them you gotta pay. Or buying them directly or buying newer heroes for sucessful tournament scores.

Waiting for them to be released for sale once all 5 elements are featured in monthly mirage quests. Part of Morlovia offers? Maybe Xmas ? Such restraint from SGG so far.

Curious about pricing and bundle mix mostly.

Maybe there will be rainbow Aethers like a competitor game, that recently launched their rainbow “aether” packs.

Interesting times.


Do Alliance War Rewards especially when you win always give aether?
This is the first I haven’t received aether when winning a war…

What’s more annoying is getting top 1% in every tourney and getting nothing but level 1 aethers, and others finishing top 5 or 10% and getting level 3s. Top 1% should be guaranteed better loot than 5 or 10 or what’s the point… should be guaranteed minimum for top tier.

Also why does war victory give aethers, but war chest doesn’t?


If they do it like they do eith emblems it would be ok. An active mefiocre player can expect to geg 18000-20000 emblems a year for free. The few hundred emblems a year you can buy are absolutely insignificant

Lets hope for an intelligent approach…

Where is your evidence they will sell aethers? They have never said this but people just assume.

No, I get one maybe 50% of the time when we win.

And if we loose I haven’t gotten any, but I’m not sure if you could theoretical get one for a loss.

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They are not the same in tournament. Top 1% and top 5% have better chance than lower rank.

I have experienced it twice.

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They never said emblems will be sold, but after some time the popped up in the store and later I think Christmas or Easter in the event calendar deals and now they are everywhere.

So it’s not a huge step to think/hope/worry that they will sell Ethers too in the future. Because, why shouldn’t they?


LOL cuz we all know, their communication skills, :100: :sweat_smile:

On a more serious note:

If the past is any indication…

4* Mats? Sold
Emblems? Sold

So why wouldn’t they sell LB?!

Maybe you haven’t been around long enough to see this theme repeat, idk… but it’s definitely more likely it’ll happen than not. Maybe not tomorrow, or next month, but once they’ve cycled the quest once or twice?! Yeah, I’d bet money on it.


The sell emblems just one month after release. They had not done so for aether, maybe after 5-6 months when all versions of the quests come out.


Still waiting on that evidence. All I see is speculation. Let’s give the benefit of the doubt one time.

I’m all out of benefit of the doubt; given em so many, that now I have none left to give :no_mouth: Lost my last benefit of the doubt 12 or so months ago…

Where did they all go?? Hmmm…

But if it’s any consolation, I hope they don’t sell em lol

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What about Damascus blades

While not direct evidence, past experience with all other important game items can lead someone with a sharp eye to the easy conclusion that aether, without a doubt, will be up for sale at some point in the future. I highly doubt they will turn off the $$ spigot for aether while running it full force for everything else.


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