The probability of falling heroes 5 *

From November 13, 2017 in the game. Now I have 46 heroes 4 * (there were 5-10 heroes more) and 1 hero 5 * from March 2018. Why 5 * heroes do not fall out? Judging by the resources, I can already pump 1-2 hero 5 * of all colors. Why in the game you can not buy a hero 5 * in the presence of resources? Resources and so long to collect. I can not get to the top because there is no 5 * squad.

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Direct buying would ruin the game.

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Let’s look at the probability of falling out of heroes from other people. And by this we will judge whether it spoils the game. I do not try to give specific recommendations on how this can be implemented. But time must be considered in any case.

Do you run training centers @lvl20?

That should drop legendaries from time to time…

Exactly. The period of time that suits everyone. I would like to know in the framework of the topic.

You’re able to do elemental summons with a small chance to get a legendary of your desired color.

I can and I do. The result is not luring.

welcome to RNG :stuck_out_tongue:

-20 5*

))) :rofl::rofl::rofl:

if it makes you feel any better, i have 46 5* heroes that i’ll probably just feed to each other cuz theres no way in hell i’ll ever get the mats needed to ascend many of them lol

(probably joking, but you’ll never know) :smiley:

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lay out my heroes :grinning:

and these are resources

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Nice, you’ll only need some luck with pulling or your tc20s.

Roster looks good enough to stay patient…

If you pay attention to the maximum damage, then on titanium 11-12 * the damage will be no more than 60-80k in total. In war to resist the heroes of 5 * just will not work.

Your roster is kind of similar to mine (yours is deeper but I was lucky enough to get three very important 4* heroes you don’t have yet: Proteus, Boldtusk and Wilbur). We are at a similar gameplay stage (you are 43 I’m 41). Coming to 5* heroes, and 4* materials, I’m also short on 5*. Never pulled any 5*, my only two came from TC20, but you were lucky to get Azlar… I got Kadilen and Horghall, which I don’t see as worth of tonics…
As for 11 - 12* titans, they are out of the question, and I doubt we could get a total damage close to 80k, as they probably one shot 4* heroes…

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I used antidotes, a bear banner or a dragon banner, super mana and a tornado. Be sure to take Wu Kong. 60-80k damage is real numbers, but resources are scarce

Some time was in the alliance, in which the minimum damage was 60k on titans 10-12*.

You have a nice assortment of heroes.

If you want more 5*, you should be doing training camp level 20 on at least 3 camps. That is what I am doing. I am level 43 as well.