The Power of Titles

Each leader should be allowed to recognize team members with various titles AND these titles should require renewal with inactivity in something… maybe leader could check off requirements before honoring his subject. That way if subject doesn’t want to participate in wars or titans for a week (or however long set for) n if explained then not leaders fault when temporarily removed :). AND some titles you should have to do so much participation to qualify to get so not all should be in leaders sole discretion.

Different titles make members feel valued and connected to alliance so you wanna give more than one, but if everyone is an elder then what’s the point? These titles should have some meaning behind them.

I’m not convinced that it’s titles that make a player feel connected to an alliance. We don’t use the elder title as each of our members is already valued. If they don’t support the alliance by participating, then they probably aren’t a good fit with us regardless of whether we give them a title (or take one away).

We have co-leaders (and leader), but they are “working titles” and come with a lot of expectations for activity, support, knowledge, etc.

We don’t use titles as rewards and punishment and have never felt the need to do so.

I’d like more ranks.

  • Titan Crusher
  • Last Man Standing
  • Warlord
  • Lucky One
  • Action Master
  • Axe Minister
  • Private Paula :wink:

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