The polarities of energy in people

The thread of @Tough_E_Nough, which you can find here
Just the place for a Snark! I have said it once - #55 by Tough_E_Nough, caused me to be amazed at all the negative energy that some players emanate. He then asked me the following:

Thank you. Reading the responses of @r4dioh3ad in above topic has shown us that despite all the negative energy that someone emanates, positive energy is around the corner and suddenly appears with a snap in your finger. I find this a wonderful development of any situation in general. So let’s see how I think this could be applied to our fantastic gaming community. I marked these thoughts with numbers.

----What is energy in people?----
When people talk about this, terms as “chi”, “ki”, “breath” or “prana” often make their appearance. They actually refer to what I would call our “life force”, what is basically the source which provides our power. This life force splits itself in two.

~Physical energy~
Everyone is familiar with this as it flows through our body and gives us the necessary energy for movement. You are full with physical energy when you feel as if you can tackle any challenge the world offers you. The opposite often appears when you are tired and have a lack of stamina.

~Psychic energy~
Not everyone might be aware that we use this type of energy all the time. It is the source of non-physical movement, such as thoughts, emotions and imaginations.

Just as physical energy, we can focus our psychic energy to achieve a specific result. We can focus our strength on using our muscles and lift up an object. We can also close our eyes, think about the loss of a loved one and feel the emotion of sadness appearing. Or close your eyes and imagine an ocean, smell the sea air and hear the sound of the waves. It all suddenly becomes very real.

Our psychic energy will be redirected to wherever we focus ourself on. Whatever gets our attention. This is necessary for us to be creative, come up with ideas and follow our intuition. This is psychic energy and the topic of this writing. Just as physical energy it can be wasted if not used correctly.

----What determines a person’s psychic energy?----
Every person emanates positive and negative energy throughout their lives. Certain people emanate more often positive energy, and others negative energy. Recognizing the differences between both energy types is the first step into understanding what determines someone’s psychic energy.

Wether a person emanates positive or negative energy in general is partly based on events in their passed, For another big part it gets decided by their general mindset. What thoughts do they choose to be dominant? Where do they believe in and how do they perceive the world?

~Negative people~
As we have all seen, negative people often are unhappy and complaining a lot. They can be judgmental quickly and appear to put other people down. The emotions they spread can influence your own thoughts, and therefore your actions, in a bad way. It does not feel relaxed to be around them, because the energy often ruins the atmosphere.

But they aren’t completely to blame for expressing negativity. Nowadays the message we receive from society often says that in order to succeed, we must be better than others. This mindset is unhealthy and leads to put down of others. It’s blocking the possibilities for cooperation. Also the news on television has big influence. The people talking on tv are often defending their position on daily issues by labeling the opposition as inferior to them; making others appear to be less than them. This teaches us that making fun of other people’s views is the desired approach, while in fact it may be hurtful for the people who are on the receiving end of the message.

I believe that everyone is born with a dominant positive energy level. The people with a dominant negative energy level have their own issues causing this. They tend to be less self-confident and usually feel they are not attractive or intelligent. Some even believe they have no talent at all. When they make fun of others, I believe that they do so in an effort to elevate their own self-pityness. Unconsciously. Possible causes for this are; having been abused, neglected or spoiled and used to always see things moving in the way they want. They are very sensitive for rejection, it hurts, it makes them angry, and leads to a situation where they make fun of others and say bad stuff.

  1. I think it is unfair to judge people based on the negative content of their message. Something terrible could have happened to this person in the past or maybe what they believe in is simply the opposite of what you believe in. This could cause their energy to be largely negative compared to yours. So before you respond to a negative message on this forum or in-game, think twice and keep it civilized.

~Positive people~
Positive people are often supportive in general. They are happy and loving and have a high amount of compassion. You feel relaxed and safe around them, because the energy often is welcoming to you.

Now, someone does not have either positive or negative energy. I do think that in all cases one type is dominant to the other, but the energy varies depending on the situations in which someone finds himself. Energy has POLARITIES, opposites. We can swing our energy over to the other side if we want to.

  1. Just as I think someone has to think twice before responding to a negative message, I also think that the writer of a negative message has to think twice. Creating positive energy will be more beneficial for all people involved. You have the power to move from negative to positive energy instantly. How, I will describe now.

----How do I deal with negative energy people?----
When I encounter a person with negative energy, their mad or hateful mindset usually triggers me. I sense a strong feeling to stop this negative feeling asap, because it feels threatening to me.

~Mistakes I have made in dealing with them~
A mistake I have made is to befriend this person, with the goal to just force their venomous behaviour to be directed away from me. Another mistake I have made is helping this person in putting down my others friends with the same purpose mentioned in the previous mistake.

~Succesfull ways of dealing with them~
I notice that I try to explain the way in which I preserve my positive energy. I explain them how I, as a positive person, deal with negativity in general.

Base your happiness on internal sources!
I don’t base my happiness on external sources. Once this source is gone, then my happiness will have been vanished along with it. Instead base it on internal sources which can make you happy, such as finding a comfortable standard of living, creating enough time for fun, being optimistic and building a social network which will support your back. If you don’t manage to be happy while playing this game, at all or at some times, then consider taking a break and do something else to light your inner fire!

Maintaining good physical health is also a great internal source of happiness. It allows you to recover from daily struggles, it releases stress, it provides your body with important nutrients and most important; it boosts your positivity by releasing endorphins!!

  1. I have found a comfortable standard of playing the game. We are constantly being marketed and told to buy certain offers or deals, but this will only make you happy up to a certain point. I choose to not buy heroes if I can not ascend them. I choose to not buy ascension materials if I don’t need them to ascent my heroes. Create a comfortable standard of what you really need from the game and not what you are told you want by the game/offers. This also includes your view on ‘‘winning-the-game’’ and that is discussed in this thread: What Is Winning? - #12 by Fledoble. I recommend to read it.

  2. Find a great alliance. Really. Find one. How many times do we read that people only keep playing (coughs) because of their alliance mates. Maybe it is a little exaggerated, but there is a great deal of truth in it. This social network provides you with friends to share nice things with, to learn from and to have fun with. I think this is one of the most authentic sources of happiness available to any of us in the game.

Choose to see the good in everyone!
We will have to deal with people all our lives. And some of them…oh boy…they are awful to deal with. You deal with it or you let it go. You don’t have to let their negative energy impact you and you certainly don’t have to carry their negative energy with you. You don’t have to let them drag you down. Show them you are better than that, but politely.

  1. Remain above the negativity of people or their posts. Don’t lower your words to their level. Instead, try to compliment them on something. Try to be compassionate to the factors that cause them to behave in a bad way. You will be surprised to read how their reply to you all of a sudden takes a 180° turn. Turn around the polarities of the energy!

Talk about what can go right!
And not about what can go wrong. Focus on the future you want to create. Don’t speak of a future which includes lack and problems. Choose to think positive.

  1. Contribute to this community by talking about what you want the future to be. Not what the future will lack. Show our developers and your fellow players that you want to contribute positively. As did @RedPython try to tell us:

Accept failure!
Accept failure from yourself. Accept failure from your friends. Accept failure from your boss. Realize that it’s the only way to learn and grow. Failure brings negative energy, negative emotions. But understand that these are only brief and will disappear. Accelerate that process and keep thinking positively.

  1. Just as we sometimes fail in our work, sometimes SGG also fails. Don’t let the negative energy of failure increase in strength. Accept the failures and know that they will work on making it better. Provide them with constructive feedback and help them accelerate the process.

There are a lot more ways to deal with the negative energy. But I wont make the post too long and end this post with…

Write down your thoughts, but don’t share them!
Everyone experiences negative energy from time to time. We also do experience the urge to reply to messages which frustrate us or make us angry. We sometimes sit trembling behind our keyboard to throw ourselves into the heat of the battle. But, as soon as we have written the last sentence of our message we already feel more relaxed.

  1. @Bertus gets rid of his negative energy in an obvious but smart way. He wrote the following. Not every post you write here, has to be posted. Sometimes it’s better to opt not to post the anger you’ve just written down. Interestingly this forum does store your concept posts. So you can return to an unposted reply and it’s still there for you to continue with. And perhaps, a day or a run in the park later, you’ll look at that unposted reply and go “oh wow glad I didn’t post that one”. Or edit it and post it in a more positive fashion.

Perfectionism is one of my characteristics. But, being a positive person, I also realize that sometimes I need to slow myself down. I have to loosen up. I have to make my ambitions secondary for a while. Doing so makes me avoid having a burnout which would give me a tremendous amount of negative energy.

Sometimes just…take a step back and move further the next day.


If you are struggling with a message you need to communicate, ask a sage (a profoundly wise man) to convey it but don’t advise or recommend him to say anything…as he will know what to do.

Thank you @TomV93 for your efforts and contribution on this subject. It’s probably fair to say that profound content is more likely to be read all the way through, to encourage comments from readers, and perhaps …gets shared. In this forum, a profound subject like this with short and pithy content is a worthy goal.

I would also like to commend you on the the clarity of your expressions and selection of the words as I can see that you did a great job for it to be effortlessly comprehensible.

Thank you again for your great efforts.


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Well,… thank you again @TomV93 for your efforts.
I just hope you are ok with what I did to the first post on this topic Just the place for a Snark! I have said it once … cheers

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@TomV93, thank you for sharing in a constructive way.
I can only add one thing. Everyone has a choice to see positively or negatively; so choose carefully least you form a habit that will delete the joy from your life.


Nice post @TomV93

Remember, this is an internet discussion forum. So bring thick skin and flame retardant. This community is pretty chill overall, but at times things can get heated even here.

I like to think I have (at least) 3 choices whenever I write a post (on any forum):

  1. be negative
  2. be positive
  3. write it but don’t post it

And that last one works well for me to get rid of negative energy. I may come across as a pretty reasonable person, but I also have my moments of frustration, anger and misunderstanding what others write here. I’m (gasp!) human.

So there’s an idea: not every post you write here, has to be posted. Sometimes it’s better to opt not to post the anger you’ve just written down.

Interestingly this forum does store your concept posts. So you can return to an unposted reply and it’s still there for you to continue with. And perhaps, a day or a run in the park later, you’ll look at that unposted reply and go “oh wow glad I didn’t post that one”. Or edit it and post it in a more positive fashion.


Now that is another wonderful option to consider! Thank you for the insight. If I may, I will add it to the OP and give you credits?

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You’re welcome to, credits won’t be needed, it’s not like I’m the first person ever who came up with this. Not by a long shot.

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