☠ The Pirate Horde – a rich history, a glorious future. Rum! Join us! Yaarrr!

All our spots are spoken for now, thanks for checking us out!

For the first time since October, we have a spot available! (Note: if you want to bring a friend, we have an alt account in the alliance currently that can potentially step out to make a second spot.)

We’re not really into hard-and-fast requirements for trophies or team power. Our current alliance score is 95k-100k, and we’re usually hitting 8* titans (7* the last week while a few members are on vacation).

And while we’re very active, we don’t yell about activity or threaten the boot all the time.

Instead, we emphasize fun, chat, and support. We’ve found the activity levels take care of themselves when everyone is enjoying themselves.

We use our War flags and titan hits, and we have fun with it.

Nearly all of our members have been together for 3-5 months. Many of us came together from another alliance before this one. All of us are adults, and we have several real-world family/friend connections amongst the group.

With a long-standing group, we have a very friendly and chatty vibe.

In addition to chatting in-game a lot, many of us also use Line to chat. Line usage is encouraged but completely optional.

If you’re looking for a fun, friendly, passionate but chill family to play with, check us out!

Feel free to drop a reply message to me on the forum if you have questions about whether we’re the right fit for each other, or just drop into The Pirate Horde alliance in-game!

We’re all full up again, thanks for checking us out!

One spot just oppened today, still have alt accounts that could be moved to make room if you have friends that want to come as well!

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One of our long-time members has decided to take a break from E&P for a while, so we have a spot available.

We also have 2 alt accounts from members, who are willing to remove them if you’d like to bring a second or third person along with you.

What’s important to us

  • You’re friendly and like to chat
  • You enjoy the game and playing it with others who do too
  • You’re an active player (but it’s ok when life gets in the way too)

Stats & Info

  • We’re currently hitting 8-9* titans. We have a reasonably easy time on 8* most of the time now.
  • Nearly all members participate in War (currently 28/29), but if you prefer to opt out that’s fine too.
  • We’ve focused on the community aspect of our alliance, not trophies; our players range from 2400+ to 500ish, with roughly half the alliance at/over 1800, and a current average of 1625. The lower-trophy players are real-life friends/family/coworkers of other members of the alliance.
  • Our alliance score currently ranges from roughly 95-105k
  • Most of our members also use Line to communicate, share photos/videos, discuss strategy, and provide resources for Quests, Events, etc.; this is recommended but optional.

If we sound like a fit for you, search The Pirate Horde and join now.

If you have questions, just reply back!


Our open spot is now full, but we still have 2 alt accounts of alliance members who are willing to make room for other players.

So if you’re interested in joining, just reply here!

One of our long-time members decided to take a break from his alt account, and only keep his main active in the alliance, so we have a spot available!

Search The Pirate Horde

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Still 1 spot available !


We have 2 spots we can make available, currently being held by alt accounts of other alliance members.

8-9* titans, please have 1800+ cups

Line is optional, but we prefer people who like to chat in-game at least. English language, with alliance members mostly in the US and Germany.

To Apply: reply here — you need to message us first so we can remove one of the alts to make space for you. :smiley:

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Two War wins in a row thanks to 100% flag usage!

If you want to join, reply back, and we’ll remove one of the alt accounts to make space. :slight_smile:

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hey zephyr–thanks for the offer. we shall take you up on it. just let us know when you are ready for us :slight_smile:


Awesome, happy to have you stepping aboard!

Do you have LINE by chance?

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i’m assuming not since i don’t know what that is lol


Haha no worries, it’s a chat app a lot of alliances use in addition to the game chat. We may need to wait until after this War to bring you in if that’s ok, since matchmaking has already happened. So I’m hoping we can get in touch off the forum to coordinate better on the timing with you.

If you’re open to downloading LINE, search the App Store for it, and then once you have it set upa and message me, I can invite you to the group chat.

If you need help with any of that, or it’s too confusing, just reply back here. :slight_smile:

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is this it?


That’s the one!

20 pirates & wenches

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ok, let me download and i’ll see if the wife wants to do so. let’s make this work.

so waiting until after the AW means that i forfeit any war chest loot so far, correct?


sounds good!

This is really a function of leaving any alliance. The War Chest is bound to the alliance, not you, and your loot from it is participation based — you have to be present for all of the wars that filled the chest to get full loot from it.

Fortuitously, our chest is close to full, at 21/25. So you’ll either join us after a loss at 22/25, or after a win at 1/25. Either way you’ll end up at or near 100% participation and loot on our next chest, presuming you stay with us through filling it.

For your current alliance’s chest, unless you happen to fill it this War, you’ll miss out on the loot from it. But that’s an unfortunate inevitability of any alliance transition, unless you specifically wait until the chest is full.

Does that make sense?

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absolutely. it’s still early on this chest so i doubt that i’ll be missing much. besides, i’m still pretty little—kinda like someone running up and stomping your feet with their high heels lol. i try to do whatever damage i can lol


Lol don’t worry, we have several newer players, and we can help you make the most of your high heel stomping. :smile: