The PERIOD in REVIEW: E&P Hero Use & Positioning

LMAO! I couldn’t figure out WHERE it was! Just did. Thanks. Now we can continue to grow up together @JonahTheBard



Top Player’s Where is that one? LOL

Under the top 5 alliances on the period in review.


Best get @kikyo to check it though; I am the proverbial pot and kettle

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GREAT - Fixed thank you! It lead me to fixing the “TITLE” within the GuiLDWare App too (smh…) :slight_smile:

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Great stuff, @Razor! I’ve been waiting to see what your data showed; thanks for the tag!

Your conclusion pairs well with mine. You probably already saw it, but there’s a link just in case. Basically, Telluria still dominates the game and her value (and Vela’s) are still extremely high.


Whoa… I got tagged on this but I’m really confused why. What is this? Did I make a list somewhere on a monthly review? I’m honored, if so. If not, well I’m honored to have my first tag on the forum.

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Ha ha ha Tesaiga! It’s that Killer Avatar you chose! Glad to have you in the forum with us, come hang out sometime (certainly more often!) as well feel free to hang out with me or the BAT FAMILY as well. PEACE. - RAZ

Thanks @Razor , I’m sure you’ve seen where I got this avatar from. I forget the thread, but the guy was making custom card art, super talented.

Give me a little background on the Bat Family

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Sweet - the question gets asked now and again @Tetsaiga

Brief Overview of the BAT FAMILY

Brief Origin of BAT-DADDY (first paragraphs of the page)

There is a thread here in the forum for recruiting under BATMAN FAMILY


@JonahTheBard - of course this made me think about your NORNS Jonah! What did you end up doing with her(s)? ha ha?

Was NOT EXPECTING ICE GIANTS FREEZE to be non dispellable via my cleansing lioness… ouch. Shes tough. First run-in.

I gotta get BK out of this line up ASAP id dulls Mitsukos POWERS vs ICE…

Over 2 months out from the balancing event… a period well long enough to know if a hero is going to truly be one within the game.

Is it long enough for those that already were such, to determine they have settled back in entirely?

The answer is here…

@IvyTheTerrible @Guvnor @JonahTheBard @nevarmaor @Sarah2 @Math4lyfe @Rigs @Olmor @Pompitous @Malix

Correction it is here


Thanks @Razor

Here’s the other angle of the same picture:

Getting difficult to fit…

Thanks again for your teams work.
I know it is not easy!


Thanks! LOL LOOK AT THAT CRAP (the margin of Diff is so astronomically huge)! LOL. Awesome. Thanks @Pompitous!!!

Guin who?

Yeah man…
the landscape in March took such a dramatic and sharp turn.

It’s hard to believe that Pre and Post March comparisons still exist

:point_up_2:recent line chat, more are on the way…

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There was a bug posted here about Guin tanks so I tried finding one to attack to test. 200 rerolls later still no Guin LOL. Lots of Telly tho’. And this was in my range of 2400-2600 cups. I gave up :rofl: I actually haven’t fought a Guin tank in a couple months now.


I have to move emblems… but I plan to make one for you. Just give me… oh…
8 months or so


Due to her class. Many people with Telly stripped the Queen to put another wizard (Jean) on def or to spread her emblems to Alfie and Jean or even more.

The Hatter in top 10 tanks? That’s crazy and probably caused by the green tank times.

I agree that

Sesh Gravey Telly Vela Drake

is the hardest to beat def right now. Often enough that single Sesh will kill your last 2 due to her heavy minions.

Double blue hitters beside Telly will be punished by Mits, but double blue is very effective with Ariel and Vela besides Telly. Gravey became less scary since Grazzy, but Vela also hit very hard against red without dealing her ailment.

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Faced my first Dual VELA team yesterday, as you can imagine - it is SOLID!!! ha ha ha

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