The Paradox Shop ..Crazy & Sarcastic and a wee bit Delusional Star

Fly by bumping in the night


Bumping through the night

Shaka laka boom boom…

How many chocolate bunnies were sacrificed at the altar of Star yesterday?
Morning family bump!

Not enough…lol…even my son didn’t sacrifice his bunnies

Smells like :poop: up in here… :laughing:

That would be the French Perfume…lol…skunks smell like Roses…final answer

I stand by my first answer LOL next time maybe two sprays there’s no reason to go six or seven pumps :laughing:

Lmao…then I blame the beans…sure maybe they were jellybeans…maybe they weren’t …I’m not telling

Yes everyone understand she expects chocolate and to be worshipped daily

Lmao…yeah still not sure if its for her or the personalities…bacon is also acceptable

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