The Paradox Shop ..Crazy & Sarcastic and a wee bit Delusional Star

Nothing …yea let’s go with that…safer for everybody…lol

Still recruiting? I have a well played squad, no line though. Mostly quiet but I use my war flags and hit the titans. I’ll check back in a bit, behind on pov titans.

Still recruiting…still hunting for worshippers…not everyone can handle to worship a STAR :disappointed:…or the licorice whip…it could be the personalities locked in the basement…:thinking:

Do recommend line
why…use it for war strategies…share info…help with team rosters…that all can get lost in game chat… my worshippers also find it helpful keeping me happy by showering me with chocolates or was it they want me in a shower of chocolate…lol

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Well that is certainly entertainingly ridiculous! As long as line isn’t a deal breaker I come sniffing around soon.

line isn’t a deal breaker just a useful tool

Come one come all… See the Manificient… The Beautiful…The Rare STAR of all the stars…
She is crazy, delusional, and wants to be worshipped…hobbies include but not limited to

  1. Using a licorice whip on her followers
  2. Chocolate baths- good for the skin & lowers blood pressure
  3. Jumping on a trampoline in a padded room covered in Velcro
    and more…Join now…who knows you might become delusional too

The Paradox Shop is open 24/7! Come check us out!

Gonna lose that skunky hourglass figure u keep going at the chocolate like that… Js

nope…high metabolism… I lose lbs while sleeping lol… although not as fast as I used to…
one of the draw backs having having a kid

Come forth and get your spot to worship the delusional STAR and her tons of personalities… if your not delusional now …you will be and enjoy it

Hey you yeah you stop lurking and come join skunky and the Funky Bunch here in the Paradox shop

we currently have 1 spot open… word got out there was a delusional STAR to worship…get it now before its gone… bring chocolate or bacon to appease the STAR

Chocolate martini would also work. Star isn’t too picky as long as u worship her :laughing:

Had to drop by for a family bump and drop off a box of chocolate for Star. Never swing by Paradox empty handed. Bump!

LMAO…very true…all food is accepted…except liver🤢…all drinks are accepted as well…allows me to let my freak go…or hide…I forget which it is
.currently have 3 spots available …it seems some couldn’t handle the licorice whip🙃

Isn’t it a Shop rule to let that freak flag fly? Asking for a friend. Bump.

freakier the better I say…open your mind and the the freak take over

If there’s a slot open, i may consider joining

@Photon Oh yeah we have Spots open… just bring me a chocolate bar or a Klondike bar…me love the chocolate…lol

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