The Paradox Shop ..Crazy & Sarcastic and a wee bit Delusional Star

Hi @Photon Hard to say… it seems the Shop family doesn’t do well with mergers, but we can talk more… Line ID: skunklover

I used to have Line, but then deleted my account. my group uses discord

Lmao…of course and I don’t use discord

no worries. Just trying to help fill each other’s alliance

Appreciate that…Thank you for thinking of us

Mmmmmm chocolate…

Excellent alliance more like a family… you would love it here… part of a family of 4 alliances… SillyStar is a great leader

Thanks Toady… you are a great leader yourself…As a Male surrounded by Women Leaders…lol

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the shops equal diversity and unity. Come one come all. Especially if the voices are telling u. Follow your instincts

I listen to my voices…at times I gave to tell them to pipe down as they like to talk all at once or yell like they are at a K.I.S.S. concert

Bumping in the night… Paradox has room for plenty, just bring chocolate

or bacon… love the bacon…just bring food…no liver though…yuck :nauseated_face:… If possible more ladies we only have 3 females to 16 males … yeah the Boyz need someone new to drool over

We are finally getting more females in the house…still need more…whip is included to help keep boys in check… bonus the boys can become your servants so use them how you want…
Hope you don’t mind the whip being made from licorice

Come on u fun and crazy people hiding in the dark. Come let star guide u to the shops. :male_detective::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

I can guide you to the Shops…we have the best cages of all different shapes and sizes…this is for the men of course…the ladies get a nice room with feathered beds…lol

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The Paradox shop led by a skunk that has an addiction to chocolate and multiple personalities what could go wrong…

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Seems appropriate.

Good luck with recruiting! We have a similar problem it seems! :stuck_out_tongue: (Squirrel Squad - South African Alliance (or similar time zone))

Thank you so much @RedRobyn …love love love the pic…stealing it to add to my collection

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