The Paradox Shop ..Crazy & Sarcastic and a wee bit Delusional Star

Who wants to come and play with a skunk and goat :laughing: come on over and see the delusional ones in all their glory :laughing:

The Paradox Shop is currently full
I know crazy and delusions was like honey to the wayward flies…and I am the Queen…sure thats not what really happened…shhh don’t tell that to the 150 personalities though
Waiting list available
skunklover or RonMorrow

Thing of beauty… Being full. Not star :laughing:

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So you trying to say being full of bull is not a good quality…just when I thought the meter was in my favor…sigh

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Glad I could sneak this in before leaving this weekend -

To keep on topic - Join paradox if you need a good place to play…and bring chocolate.


Don’t kiss up to her :laughing: She don’t need that head of hers any bigger :laughing:

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Full…but waiting list is open

Ummmmm star the other houses were wondering if u have been in their chocolate stash…

We are full but always in search of skunk lovers :laughing:

Maybe…maybe not… :thinking::thinking::thinking:…disregard the chocolate in my hands…for they are a delusion

It’s just not natural to have this kind of addiction towards chocolate but then again who am I to talk about addictions. :innocent::sunglasses:

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What is unnatural to most is natural for the Delusional… I am that Delusion…and why thou shall worship me…lol

Star is ALWAYS looking for ppl to give her chocolate and treat her like the queen she thinks she is :laughing: waitlist is open if u can handle sarcasm.

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I also think im the fairest of the land of Delusions…thats what the tinfoil covered cardboard box told me…so it’s got to be true

Drugs are bad m’kay… :cupid:

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Just skittles and m&ms…I promise :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::crazy_face::upside_down_face::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon::bacon:

Skittles and M&M’s mixed? That’s the definition of insanity right there.

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Here to take over the world…one stinker at a time…lol

We are the Shop Family…becoming brothers and sisters with those weirdo cousins and me…Mamabear tries to control all of thee with whips, chains, and a master degree of sarcasm and fukwittery

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Full house but the skunk has started a waiting list…

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