The Pandemic Special

Dear @Petri and @Staff_SGG,

Firstly… thank you for your commitment to balance.
I maybe in a minority but…
I found it to be bold, and truly unexpected.

I don’t know if you have been keeping tabs.

uh… I hope not!

But I have not been one to pander:

However, a recent conversation with a friend and fellow customer of yours has got me thinking.

I wonder if you are living the dream?
Have your health and are doing well.
I hope that is the case for you and everyone else.

But please consider…
this year has been topsy turvy!
And everywhere else…

Many of us are hurting.
Most of us are at each other’s throats.

Fear and deceit dominate our world!
And everywhere else…

Our governments claim to protect us. And in doing so have failed us. Stripped us. Angered us.
And sometimes, in some places… frightened us.

We are your customers.
We are your community.
And we pay for entertainment, joy and distraction.
I imagine we pay you well.

While I can not speak for all in our community. I will speak for myself in kind regards to your recent emblem gift and current rainfall of emblems to boot.

for those that have everything and those that have nothing, turmoil and cancer grow in between.

I beseech you for further favor. A stimulus package. A pandemic special. Something of true sustenance!
4* mats
A hero of choice

Both of these at a minimum, for one without the other, may incur further feelings of neglect!

Please… give this:
Back to your customers!

Never has there been a greater time or need for your generosity and support. Our new world has left most of us depressed. Flailing. Scared. Searching for toilet paper, while here in the game, that seems to be all we ever get!

Do not fear loss…for those that have everything life goes on, especially your customers.
But for those that have given much time
and struggle. And feel frustrated in return…
Please imagine your impact!
Imagine their joy.

And I imagine, it would not go unrewarded

They did give us an extra rare quest when the lockdowns started, which was sweet.

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