The pain is temporary, but the growth is permanent!

Do you want to fight with a group of well organized, responsible teammate?

If you are not scared by 9/10/11* titans and war opponents over 4k tp then we have room for you.

Come join the Locker, we are an international alliance that has been together for more than a year and currently have 6 open spots.

We do require daily titan hits and wars are optional. But, if you are on the battlefield, then all flags MUST be used.

We do employ a simple war strategy that is timezone friendly. We do utilize line, not mandatory but encouraged.

(blatant product placement here)

( yes, I know there is a misspelling, my graphic designer thinks it makes us unique.)

If you are interested in joining the team, contact me via line or knock on the door. Cups can be waived for the right people. Small groups are welcomed, we will accommodate all in the group.

See you in The Locker.
Wolf Warrior

I am actively playing every day for last 10-11 weeks as I started this game.
I am looking forward of killing Titans and playing wars just to fulfill quests if Path of Valor.
If there is a room for lvl 25 to fulfill all this needs,then I would like to join in.

Mr. Smiles,

We would love to have you, cups are set to 1,000. Go ahead and apply, I am waiting to accept.

Just an update that we do still have room for 5. Willing to accept all in a small group.

We still got 5 spots open! Don’t be afraid to give us a try, like the title says…

Mr. Smile,

What happened, saw you in GC and then you disappeared. If you are still interested in joining us then come on in.

I am not as good on raids,so even though at the moment I have 1,1k cups,it can change at anytime…
Temporary stuck with same alliance to have a war chest and only then will leave…
I am sorry,but I have had few offers and still making a decision :exploding_head:

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