The Padawans Alliance is friendly and supportive and will have 1 open spot - Fighting mostly 9* titans

Bump. Looking for two still to call The Padawans home. Taking down 8 and 9 star titans looking to move up and grow with two daily active players

Currently working on a 9 star rare titan for a chance at a royal tabbard join us today

We still have 2 openings for active players to participate in 9* titans and allianve wars.

I’ve been a member of the Padawans for about 6 months, and I love it! We focus on having fun & learning together, and we make a great team. Our 9* rare Titan bit the dust earlier today, and we’re pretty consistently taking down 9* Titans.

To keep things fair for everyone, we do ask that all members do their best to hit Titans and either opt out or use all 6 flags for wars.

Currently have 2 open spaces & would love to have you join us!!

I can only confirm what WynRyder said.
Padawans really adds fun to the game.

I have been member in Padawans for 2 months and i can tell you that i growed really fast since i joined. People here are really chatty and helpful for any question, it takes time to read whole chat within morning coffee :).
We are fighting 9* titans within time and 8* are peace of cake we are 50/50 at war so we are looking for reinforcements, search for us in game and welcome! <3

I’m not asking anyone to do anything but just play when you can

Just looking to make friends and kick some butt together

why ? i didn’t withdrawn the post


Padawans will have a spot opening up in a few days. We would love to fill it with someone fun who likes killing Titans and fighting in wars. We’re a friendly and reasonably well organized group. Our minimum cup requirement is 1000. We’re knocking out 9* Titans no problem and reaching for 10*. Our track record in wars is solid; the group really likes the teamwork and alliance spirit in wars. Looking for a fun group with whom to grow? Join us!

Reply to this thread if you are interested in joining. We’ll let you know when the slot opens. You can also find us on Discord:

Bumping this up for visibility

Bump. Padawans looking for 1 more active player to join us. Active in chat or just to play we are here to get stronger and grow. Currently hitting 9 star titans

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