The Padawans Alliance is friendly and supportive and has 3 open spots - Fighting mostly 10* and 11* titans (green tanks)

The Padawans has a few spots open:
Members: 27/30
Trophies requirement: 2400 (but flexible)
Language: English
Titans: 11*
War: Must use all the flags or opt out.

Want to hang with a fun group who will help you advance your game? Join The Padawans. Stable alliance with experienced players.

Find us with in-game search. Alliance name is The Padawans OR connect with us via our Discord Channel:

We’re a chill but solid alliance with chatty and helpful people looking for 2 more adventurers to join our ranks, slaying 10-12* titans, check us out ^^

Laid back but active, friendly bunch, titan is mandatory, war is optional but use all flags, FFA since we know real life circumstances are not always made for optimal flag usage and we trust you can pick targets based on your roster’s strength, come hang out with us and see for yourself if you’re a good fit for a padawan :sparkles:

Master Yoda is recruiting a large number of Padawans


Looking for few brave adventurers to join our merry bunch, good teammates, fun atmosphere, nicely balanced between casual and competitive, happy to help you grow and put down some roots :seedling:

4 spots open, see for yourself if the Force is strong with you~ :sparkles:

Visibility bump, 3 spots left! :crossed_swords:

Still recruiting, green tanks, war optional but use all flags, chill atmosphere with good communication ^^

7 spots left, swapped to purple tanks, open to a merger with a smaller clan, we’re currently celebrating 3rd anniversary of the alliance so why don’t you come over and see for yourself if padawan life is for you :sparkles:

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