The Padawans Alliance is friendly and supportive and has 3 open spots - Fighting mostly 10* and 11* titans (green tanks)

The spot is still available if anyone is looking :slightly_smiling_face:

Bumping for visibility - we’re still open and looking for that special someone.

I am looking for an active guild with coordination in wars.
I am only level 36, and my main team is 3.6k, but my castle is already 21 and I am working towards harpoons (which should be available sometime in July).
At your level, I can almost certainly only remove crippled teams in wars, but I am effective using what I have (which isn’t terrible much yet).
I have Discord, but don’t use facebook.


No worries, you can try us out and see how you find the fit. We’re always in need of cleanups. We have a war coordinator. Because we’re all over the globe, everybody hits as their schedules allow.

Levels-wise, we also cover a range. Our lowest member is Level 30, the highest is Level 69.

We’re a mix of FTP, CTP and spenders, there is no obligation/pressure whatsoever to spend. What matters is how you use what you have, not how many shiny heroes you have.

Sounds good. I would like to wait until payout of the titan, which is in 7h or so if that’s ok.

Great, we’ll look forward to welcoming you.

I’m AuthenticTornado340 in game, by the way (Google chose my name :woman_shrugging:)

We have an open spot available again. Please reply here if you’re interested.

Hey there, Id like to join you if the spot is still open. Im an active player, 2100 cups atm, best team is 3850, and use 6 flags in wars. I’m a bit dissapointed at the titan activity in my current guild. My game name’s Prospero.

Hey! Yes, the spot is still open. Not everybody always manages to hit the titan all the time (real life, timing issues, etc), but we down most of them :slightly_smiling_face:

The Padawans have 1 open spot again. Still at 10* and 11* titans, but we’ve moved to green tanks. If you’re looking for a home, please check us out. We’re invite only, but there’s usually a leader / elder available in all time zones :slightly_smiling_face:

Bumping for visibility. The spot is still available.

We still have 1 spot available in The Padawans!

We will have 2 open spots after this war. Please check us out if you’re looking for a new home!


We have 1 spot open for anyone looking for an alliance

We have a couple spots open. Padawans is a friendly, competitive alliance. We’re looking for active players who want to have fun with the game but also balance life and game. Check us out!

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Bumping this thread again for visibility. We have several open spots. We have set a high cup limit, but if you are in the ballpark and looking to grow, join us! Folks here can help you develop your game!

Don’t be board in an unhelpful alliance. Come hang with the Padawans. Play a while, stay a while :slight_smile:

We have a few spots open. Come hang out for a bit. Easy going group but competitive. Mix of different player types. Cups at 2400 but we are flexible. Just reach out. If you want to chat hit our discord server… https://tiny

Bumping for visibility.

We still have 2-3 slots open. Come check us out!

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