The Padawans Alliance is friendly and supportive and has 3 open spots - Fighting mostly 10* and 11* titans (green tanks)

Greetings fellow EnP players. The Padawans is an active alliance currently fighting mostly 9* titans. We have a facebook group and Discord to chat. We usually only leave a few flags unused in wars. We have friendly, helpful and experienced leadership. We seem to have successfully crafted a very helpful, supportive, chatty and fun clan. Just to keep a player to low from wandering in we had upped the cup requirement to 1000. Just 3 simple rules to follow.

  1. Hit titans as often as you can. We aren’t hardore about using every hit on every titan, just do what you can :smile: A week of inactivity without notice will get you booted.

  2. Opt out of wars if you don’t want to commit to using all 6 flags. If you fight, work with the team. Communication is the number one key to war victory.

  3. Have fun and be respectful and supportive of each other.

We now have several veterans players who are quite experienced. But really the entire core of the alliance is extremely helpful and supportive.

Good luck to all.


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Up to 4 members.

Plenty of room for a few more :wink:

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I would like too join

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Nice, I get a message saying you would like to join and 2 minutes later I get a Holy Chest :smile:

We look forward to you joining our ranks!


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Bump…lets see if we can find a new member today :smile:

Will today be the day we find a new comrade :slight_smile: ?

Now we have a solid 5th member to the group. Can we get to six today?

Hey, I would like to join as well. I’m at 1631 trophies and lvl 28. What do i need to do?

On your game just click the alliance tab on the bottom of your screen then click alliances on the top right of the screen. In the search bar type The Padawans and click search. That should bring up our alliance. Then click on that and I believe thats where youll see the join button. Click that and you should be part of the group :slight_smile:


Still looking for some brave souls to join the alliance. Level 20-30 is ideal, but we will happily accept any and all warriors who play nice with others :slight_smile:


Just looking to bump this thread in hopes of finding some new lovely people to join our ranks :smile:

Is it just me or is this thread starting to dragon.

I’m very interested in joining The Padawans, but I have a few questions/concerns.

How big of a deal is it if I don’t use all of my Titan and/or war flags?

For a little more context, I’ve been playing for about 3 weeks & am at level 18 with around 250-350 cups (goes up & down cause I’ll raid higher-ranked players as practice for going up against a tougher player in a war).

So far, for all but my first war (when I was still trying to figure out how everything worked), I’ve used all 6 flags & I generally hit Titans at least 5 times (sometimes more).

BUT, I also work 2 jobs, and as much as I enjoy EnP, it is a game. Basically, I know that at some point, real life is going to get in the way & I might go through a period when I’m less active than I am now.


Not a bid deal at all. One of the reasons we started this alliance is we love to play the game but also realize real life happens and should always be the priority. With the war just TRY to be proactive and opt out if you don’t think you’ll be able to participate. But we know stuff comes us, at the end of the day its a game…and a game should first and foremost be about having fun :smile:

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Hey, thanks so much for the response! That sounds great!!

I think I’d like to help my current alliance finish off our Titan & then come join y’all if that’s all right?

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That is most definitely ok :smile:

I would like to join. I have been playing about three weeks, I’m level 18, and I have about 300 cups. Really looking forward to learning more about the game from experienced players.

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Up to 13 members and climbing :sunglasses:

Now 14 members. Happy holidays to everyone :slight_smile:

Love this point, the game should be fun and not a burden at all. With this point, I believe your alliance is a great place to grow and having fun!

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