The Padawans Alliance is friendly and supportive and has 1 open spot - Fighting mostly 10* titans

Now fighting and beating the occasional 9* titan :smile:

One of our beloved veteran players just retired from the game. One spot currently open for this fun, active, and friendly alliance!

Had to boot a member that went MIA, one spot open again. Looking for a friendly and active player :slight_smile:

1 spot currently available in our fun and supportive alliance :slight_smile:

Still have that one spot available :smile:

Currently our alliance is full but we have 1 member who has to leave us but wants to wait till we find a replacement. If interested in joining please msg me in this thread and our member will depart to make room for you :slight_smile:

Just bumping this thread, same status as the last msg :slight_smile:

Hi @Ackbarbait
I would like to join.
Still weak (only four 4*, no 5*, level 25, 2500 TP, 800 cups) but growing fast.
I always spend all my flags in war and titans.

Hey Kontamusse. Sounds good, Ill let our member know we found a replacement :slightly_smiling_face: We’re just a few hours away from killing a titan, he may want to stay thru that. Ill msg here as soon as the space is free.

Great. Going to sleep now, invite me when ready.
My nick is the same here, in game and in Line.

Sounds good and will do :slight_smile:

Ok @kontamusse we have a space open for you. Just search out The Padawans and request to join and Ill let ya in :smiley:

New spot just opened up. Raised our minimum cup requirement to 1k. Mostly fighting 9* titans now, with the occasional 8*. I feel like we have a wonderful balance between being laid back in many ways but also serious about the game. We win about 60% of our wars and only once has a rare titan escaped.

Just bumping this thread up, we still have 1 open stop available :slightsmile:

Still have one available spot :smile:

Another day, another bump to this thread. Still that one spot available for a positive team player who wants to hunt 8 and 9* titans.

Friendly bump looking for 1 more person. We just took down a 9 star kraken with a few people on vacation. Join The Padawans

Bumping this looking for one active player. Come take down titans and battles these wars. Join The Padawans today!!!

Friendly bump looking for one more player to join us in wars and taking down 9 and 10 star titans.

Two spots are available come and join The Padawans today! 1000 cup requirement a lot of long time members friendly and helpful willing to answer any questions and help grow together

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