The Padawans Alliance is friendly and supportive and has 1 open spot - Fighting mostly 10* titans

Just one last spot to fill!

29 regular players, room for 1 more :smile:

This is definately the best alliance!! :slight_smile:

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Just had 1 spot open up for the first time in a while. If you are looking for a friendly and chatty alliance, come give us a try :slight_smile:


Had a player who retired and another who needs a prolonged break, so we have a couple freshly opened spots :slight_smile:

Still looking for a new friendly hero or two.

I am looking to join an alliance. Currently
lvl 24 with around 1350 cups. Been playing for about a month and have a good roster of *4 heroes that I am leveling up.

Well we still have 1 open and space and you are more than welcome to join :smile:

Your team should be strong enough to contribute to the level of titans we are facing as long as some of those 4*s are fully or near fully leveled.

If you are a regular player who loves the game and wants to be in a chatty and supportive clan we may be the place for you.

Id be interested in joining your alliance!

Edit - I found the alliance, but it seems to be full. Thanks anyways!

Hi @Lloyd6770, we just had a spot open up if you are still looking for an alliance. If not, hope you found a great spot :slight_smile:

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Im interested for joining in few days.
My current alliance need one more war win so i can get chest opened. Iam active player (only off while im sleeping) or if im at job and there is crowded.
Here is my score and which heroes do i have. I can go up to 2k trophies, but hard to maintain :slight_smile:
Hope that we can keep in touch and to join soon :slight_smile:

Sounds good. That team would be able to contribute. Especially once you get more of them fully ascended. We will probably still have an opening after the next war, hope to see you then :slight_smile:

Fun and friendly alliance currently has an opening! Great atmosphere if you are looking for a supporting social group as well as an alliance that wins 60% of its wars and kills most 8* titans.
@recconect018 If you still want to join after you win one more war and the alliance is full, just send me a message. I have an alt character that I am going to pull from the alliance soon. I can do that as soon as you are ready to join if we do happen to be full at that time :smile:

Yeah man i’m sorry for not responding, raid tournament started so war was stopped…
Now i need to w8 because im on 21 chest (need win) i hope we will make it…

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Just bumping this thread for a friendly reminder that there is an open spot on an awesome alliance :slight_smile:

Okay, i’m ready to join alliance :slight_smile:

@recconect018 We just filled up, but that alt that is leaving the alliance can leave in the morning. So there should be a spot free’d up in about 8 hrs :slight_smile:

@recconect018 there is now a spot open for you :).

Ok everyone, we have 1 final spot open now! Our alliance has gone thru a bit of a reorg with some alt accounts leaving. But we are done with that and have been able to even keep killing titans thru this transition :slightly_smiling_face:

Padawans— friendliest, competitive, supportive, best alliance ever — has one slot open now and perhaps one more opening soon. Let us know if you are interested! We’re fighting and killing 8* Titans handily, and we’re starting to knock down 9* now as well. We love wars, raids, and joking with each other. You a friendly, no drama kinda player? Join us!

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