The Padawans Alliance is friendly and supportive and has 1 open spot - Fighting mostly 10* titans

The alliance continues to grow, still about a dozen spots available for players looking for a laid back and friendly team :slight_smile:

Might be getting our first 5* in a few hours…We’ll could really use new members to help take it down :slight_smile:

We did get a 5*, and its a rare :smile:

We just beat our first 5* and are probably about to defeat our 2nd in a row!

Looks like you have room? I’m still new, LVL 16 / 2060 / 645 Trophy.

Yup, still 7 open spots :slight_smile: and just about to defeat our 2nd 5*.

Hellooo :slight_smile:

I have been playing this game a little. I am lvl 23 & am in an alliance - but theyre all turkish so i dont understand them!
I havent really got to grips with all the little bits to this game, but i do like it…

Let me know if youre still interested :slight_smile: x :star_struck:

Absolutely :slight_smile: We a good level for you too. I think we have 4 open spots left. We have several very talkative and helpful players, we can definitely help out with some of the nuances of the game :smile:

Okay fab, i will say bye to my crew & then come find ya.

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In 18 days we have gone from 4 to 27 players! We have found many wonderful people and have had such a great time watching our little group grow up so quickly. Probably will be fighting 6* titans soon. Many of our younger players are very active at still at that stage where they are leveling daily. 3 spots left as I update this post. If this sounds like an alliance that appeals to you we would love to have you!

We were all full, but one spot just opened up :slight_smile:

2 open spots. The alliance grew too fast for a couple of players. We seem pretty consistently fighting 6* titans now,expect to see our first 7* soon.

Just bumping this up/ To anyone who actually reads this, hope you are having a wonderful day :smile:

Hiya Ackbar, how’re you guys doing?

Hey Happy! Doing great :slight_smile: Hows are things with you?

Couple weeks after we left Galavant we decided to start our own alliance for new players that wanted to learn the game. To have a more laid back environment and just try to focus more on the fun than the victories. And then after a couple weeks it kinda took off, we got a bunch of really cool, friendly folks and its just been a blast watching so many young players grow and really excel in the game. And Im about 90% thru all the BS biz stuff I was dealing with so I got no complaints. And Trap says hi to you and the whole crew :smile:


Nothing to see here, just bumping this thread back to the top :slight_smile:

Just had a new spot freshly open up for a brave adventurer.

Just got our first 7* rare titan :smile:

Soooo, ya…could use some help lol.

Just beat our first 7* rare. Currently 2 opens spots. Friendly, supporting team looking to fill out our ranks :slight_smile:

Another day, another bump. Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend :slight_smile:

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