THE OWL is here and it needs your hugs! Happy Winter and Merry Christmas everyone!



Every hug given increases your chance of rolling a rare ascension item by one owl.

Happy winter, fellow Santa Owl aficionados! I’ve been whining about Santa Owl portrait wherever appropriate (or appropriatish…), so finally I decided to bring the cuteness to life myself. Behold (preferably in zoom out :rofl:, it’s not meant to be displayed this huuuuge):

EDIT: Insomnia is a harsh mistress. The Owl has received a small makeover. Nothing unnatural, no surgeries. Merely a fluff to the feathers, a glow to the eye, and a fuzz to the hat:

New images for avatars please :D

Awwww, too sweet. Owls delivering snowflake cookies!


Silly forums gave me an “interesting conversation” award for this topic. Yes, a truly riveting debate we’ve got going here :rofl:

I’m glad you like the Owl, @Azure :blush: Christmas spirit is starting to take hold of me and I want to spread some smiles around. Few more days and I might stop being a snappy hag in all my forum replies! :scream_cat:


Too cuuuute! :grin: (Toowhoo!)


@Ellilea Count me in for a owl avatar, then we will bring so much cuteness to the alli.
And owls is knowned for wisdom too… :wink:


Congratulations on your award!

hangs head and leaves mumbling no award for song of the year again… sigh


No head hanging allowed by the decree of the Owl! Joy, laughter, and otter cheery things only!


Baby Otters!!! Squeee!! Oh, drat, you made me squeee myself.:rofl: