The Order of the Lost (16 spots open)

Welcome to our recruitment thread. We are seeking those that are active, those that want to strive to be great. We are seeking those who are lost wandering from alliance to alliance seeking some kind of plan. Join the Order of the Lost. We require 800 cups to join, we require titan participation. We require you utilize all of your war flags if opted in. We understand when the fertilizer hits the ventilation system in your real life. Just let me or my leadership team know if something is up. You can request to join in game or you can talk with me on line (originaldaveo). Currently we have 14 members. We are also open to taking in an alliance of 16 or less that want to combine and be great. Thank you.


2 for 2 since the reboot. Slayed this one in 6 hours. We have 14/30 members and looking for more lost ones to join us.

@VillyBean Would your alliance be interested in merging with our alliance? We have 14, y’all have 14. It could be something powerful.

3 for 3. This one was defeated in 15 hours.

I think our leader would prefer folks merging with us, after a bad experience prior.


Please close this thread. Our alliance found another alliance to merge with. Thanks!!


All set, thanks for the heads up, and enjoy the new merged family!


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