The only reason to quit the game

Hello everybody, I am sure that many of you have already thought the possibility of quitting the game for various reasons and each of you got discourage by a certain aspect of the game.

Maybe it is the fact that you can’t get the hero that you want no matter how many times you have tried but I understand that the mechanic of the pulls is related to gamble and SG never tried to hide it. So that’s how the game goes and I try not to expect or “demand” anything when I do my summons…that rationale keeps me for tossing my phone from the window when I am getting a 10 of 3*'s…

Maybe it is the fact that you keep getting beaten on raids and you can’t set a decent defensive team to get you to the top 100 of the world or your country. That’s also fine, there are many great post you can read and get better and by keep playing you will eventually get a better understanding for the game.

For me, the reason for which I could consider quitting is something bigger than the aforementioned; It’s Zeline!!!

Can you spot the difference…? I couldn’t believe it the first time I saw it but when did this happen? When did SG deside to cover Zeline’s booty??? That’s just sad…
So what do you say? Is this panty a good reason for quitting the game or not?

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