The one colour team

I have been gifted with ice hero so much.
I have Kiril 4/70
Grimm 4/70
Misandra 4/20
Athena 3/70
Sonya 4/70
Aegir 3/70
Boril 4/70
Agwe 4/70
So please give recommendation to arrange five of them to my defence team!

Easy. Use one or two and put the rest on the bench. Five of the same color is pretty easy to tackle. It allows for color stacking. I wouldn’t recommend it. Maybe three tops if your weak other colors (doubt it) but that’s all. For example, do you have Caedmon instead of Sonya? How about Tiberius or Gormeck instead of Grimm. Obviously I can’t give ideal feedback not knowing your whole team (others are better at that than me anyway) but I can say it’s not the best idea to have 5 one color.


Yes, I like 5 same-colors on offense/attack, not defense. :slight_smile:


One color team against titans can give you an amazing score!

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Agreed. But the OP specifically asked about s defense team.

When people put two heroes of the same element right next to each other on a defense team, it makes stacking against them a little easier.

When people put more than two heroes of the same element anywhere on a defense team, together it maka color stacking against them a lot easier

If they do both together, it’s extremely easy to color stack against them

Even teams that have power ratings 400-to-600 points above my attacking team are pretty simple to take down in most cases if they have too many of the same color (elemental links don’t make a big enough difference to save them btw). So a mono defense team isnt a good idea unless you want to use it as a cup drop team.

Pick two you really want on your defense team and have atleast one non-ice hero (perferably Nature if you can) inbetween them.


What about dark or holy team? If you stack against, the defense also has color advantage.

Yes but defense does not really get that benefit. As slash attacks and specials are not affected by elemental weakness/strength