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Questions for developers with answers and favorable solutions for players… We hope! :+1:

  1. Why do you limit the purchase of offers in numbers, 1 or 4 or 5?

This limitation is not enough to be made just by time, ex: 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, etc. and not by number?
Many of these offers, being very good, because that’s why they are called offers ( am I right? :slight_smile:), they are limited to a certain number, and this, I believe, is at the DISADVANTAGE of everyone, both ours and yours.
We can not increase our teams and heroes, and you limit your proceeds, which, no matter how small, are all receipts. It’s money you take, you do not give it, and a pay, no matter how small it is, is infinitely better to be taken and not paid, right? :thinking:
So please do that, because that way we will all be satisfied. You will earn more money than a limited amount, and we will increase our teams and heroes, which we can not do otherwise than in time, which can last very, very, very much, since heroes of 5 * they get very hard, they get very hard and especially they grow very hard.
So please help us so that you can help yourself!
And in this way we will all be happy!

  1. Heroes received at Level 20 training facilities.

Why is it still possible to receive 3 :star2: heroes at these 20 level training bases?
I do not think this is right, especially because to load a hero there, we pay 100 recruits and enough food. All of these ingredients are obtained through our work for the most part and here we should make a difference.
It would be just right that these 3 :star2: heroes would not exist, and the minimum to be 4 :star2:, so the chance to get a 5​:star2: hero to grow.
There are plenty of places where we can get these 3 :star2: heroes, which is why they should be removed from the training bases that have reached level 20. Am I wrong? :thinking: I hope not…

Please analyze my requests, discussed with other players and fans of this wonderful game that gave rise to these questions.

Thank you in my name and my colleagues who play this wonderful game.

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I can’t speak for SGG, but here are my answers:

  1. Ascension item purchases are limited to avoid people,buying their way to the top. This game is designed to require time and grinding. Expect to spend six months to get a solid team up, a year to get a competitive team up. If that’s not the timescale you’re interested in, then E&P probably isn’t for you.

  2. TC20 has about a 75% chance of giving you a 3*, about 19% for a 4*, and about 6% for a 5*. Again, it’s about controlling the pace of the game. There are no guaranteed sources of 4* or 5* heroes (other than winning a tier of a monthly Challenge Event).

Moreover, 5* heroes are not what you should want at the beginning. They are vastly too costly to level up, in terms of rare ascension items, food, and feeder heroes. Build a solid 3* team, then expand that out to a double rainbow of 4* heroes. That will be the foundation of your team going forward. Then strategically slot in 5* heroes as you are able to get quality 5* and the rare mats to ascend them.


Kerridoc said it all.

I’d add that if some special offers are unlimited (i mean the amount you can buy it), there’s a lot of other offers that would not present any interrest for the players.

Personnally, if we could buy every offers as much as we want, I’d just buy the Atlantis one that give 25 tokens + a few gems & that’s all.

I’d just buy tons of this one & wait for the next one to come the next month !

You can get thirty 5* heroes and accompanying maxed 4* troops on the first day of playing the game if you pay enough. There might be some limitations from Apple/Google/banks for that kind of spending, but I don’t think the game limits buying gems.

Edit: oh wait, the ascension items will be a bit of a snag because you can’t always buy those. But at least you can skip all the grinding if you pay.

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If you have 1 million $ to spend on

But you still have to buy only what you have in the store, calender or epic offers of that day.
You need time still if you will buy 1million gems daily, cause offers are daily not new one ever hour.

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But, if you are buying gems, you can keep filling monster and raid chests that will give you mats.
You can totally just keep buying in the shop

Thanks Kerridoc
Let me be a little more clear…

Your answer:

  1. Ascension item purchases are limited to avoid people, buying their way to the top.

My answer:

Really? Then why we don't have this limited to the shop at the 10.000 gems offer and we have this limited only at the offers? 

Because are they cheap then shop offers?!

I can buy billions of 10.000 gems offers from shop in my way to the top.

This purchases limited me to my way on the top???

Absolutely not!

And if this offer do not limited my ascending to the top, none should do it, am I right? :thinking:

Your answer:

 2. TC20 has about a 75% chance of giving you a 3*, about 19% for a 4*, and about 6% for a 5*. Again, it’s about controlling the pace of the game. There are no guaranteed sources of 4* or 5* heroes (other than winning a tier of a monthly Challenge Event).

My answer:

I know the chances of TC 20. But they are not correct, since it is the highest level and there should be a margin over the other 19 levels, am I right?

By the time we reach this level, we are very tough, we waste both time and resources and money. Up to level 19 we only receive everywhere heroes of 1 *, 2 * and 3 * respectively. Then let this level of TC 20 reward our work and eliminate the 3 * heroes we find and receive everywhere.

Let’s not find this heroes here too.

One example: Let’s say it is all your beginning life you ate only boiled rice, because you did not have the level to eat anything, and when you worked and you became a great man, you will be served at the restaurant :fork_and_knife: with the rice again, even if you paying for it the price of a steak (100 recruits and lots of food).

It’s that correct or logically??? :thinking:

I guess not.

This may give you mats … not for sure as every thing else !
RNG …is the answer.
And when you get mats its not always what you really need!
I have 40 hidden blades and 0 gloves!
I have 45 trap tools and 1 magic orb!
I have 16 demascus blades and 0 darts
RNG is not allowing any one to p2w at any cost … read through forum about some one who spent 10.000$ and didn’t get the HOTM … his luck was so bad that he even offerd buying his lucky allie mates’s accounts!
He is a P2w for sure … but did that gets him to the top in his 1 month of play? NOPE.
Also the game is still balanced cause if you get your top 6 teams of heroes you still need troops 4☆ to level up till 20+ to start combet on top 100 … or else your still not there “on top” can you tell me how many you will spend to get full set of rainbow troops of 4☆ for all your heroes you may want to stack colors?
Lets say 3 4☆ troops of each color! Hiw many time it will take to get all of that? 3 months ? Yes … well its still some time … am I right or what?
If its too easy to get to the top100 then big spenders in PC or 7DD would make 2 or 3 alts and fill up 2 or 3 alliances to keep the top rank for thier own! By losing fights on porpuse to their main alliances!
Its not that simple still … and that I give to the staff and SGG devs … even its a great way to make lots of cash … they still did not do it … to keep a light hope to the c2p and the f2p to enjoy the game.

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All of the opportunities for non-farmable mats are strictly controlled.

  • You can only skip the wait on chests so many times per day, no matter how many gems you have.
  • Titains come every 24 hours no matter how fast you kill them
  • Mystic Visions happen every 16 hours, and no amount of money changes that
  • Special quests, events, and seasonals happen on a controlled schedule

So, how is it that you think buying billions of gems will advance your teams at an unlimited rate?


I didn’t know you could only skip the wait time so many times in a day? I guess i only buy a skip when time is getting close and it only costs like 3 gems.

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Yup. If you skip too much, it puts you on a cool down timer.

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